Historyography of A Dragon

PLOT: A dragon befriends a young man and changes the course of not only his own life, but the entire town he so long hid from…

Historiography of

Aaron B.


Wesley’s father was proud of his son, he liked his physique, and he liked his voice, which would deepen with time.
Hector was a dark red European dragon, and he knew his son, Wesley would be pretty much a clone of him as far as look. Hector looked upon his son, who was sleeping.
He then began thinking though; there was one thing about his son he wondered about. All through the months, his father would move from town to town, and ravage the poor villages and cities. Sometimes Hector did it because he needed resources, like water or food-but mostly he did it for the pure enjoyment of watching towns burn. He liked being in control, he liked seeing the tiny people run among his clawed feet.

However, Wesley did take part in this travesty; he never seemed to enjoy it as much as his father. Well, being that today is December 25; his son’s birthday-Hector would really take the reigns to his son, and ask him why he was never into it.

Wesley at this point was waking up, he stood up on his hind legs, he looked around the familiar cave, the floor covered in precious gold his father had collected, and they practically slept on it. Hector’s son was about fourteen feet tall, his father twenty feet.
Long gone were the days of him being a baby dragon, being able to have fun, he was now passed that, and going quickly into adulthood.
Wesley faced his father and nodded as a greeting, he knew something was on his mind. “Son, I need to talk to you….” Wesley went on all fours and did laps around the cave, but not going off too far being that his father needed to speak to him.
“Yes, what is it?” His father, grew irritated of Wesley’s morning walking and rolled his eyes, he cleared his throat and put on his ‘stern’ tone. “You’re not even looking at me, show some respect.” The young dragon stopped, for the last time Wesley ignored Hector, he slapped him a few times until his nose bled. Wesley went closer to his father and sat on his haunches and folded his light red wings, not saying a word.
Hector lied on his stomach so he could better see his son, but far enough way so he wasn’t mere centimeters from his face. “You know how we go about towns and have a bit of fun with them?” At this point, Wesley knew what he was going to say, he picked up a gold coin and began playing with it nonchalantly in one of his clawed hands, while still looking at his dad. Hector knew his son was getting nervous, which was good, Hector had that affect on others; he really knew how to be authoritative.

“I go through a lot of work to find these towns, son…and while you do partake in the activates most dragons do to small villages, and you do fine with destroying homes and lighting hay barrels on fire, but you barely kill any humans. I say this because, by the time I get home, I’m still scrapping the flesh and bone from dead humans off of my feet-you do not. What do you say for yourself, mister?” Wesley sighs and rubs the back of his neck with one wing. “Well dad, I need to be honest with you-I hate what we do.” Hector then lifts his neck from the ground. “Can you be more specific?” The dragon picks up two gold coins and rubs them together nervously. “I just…don’t get it. Why must we destroy towns? I want to…I don’t know, do something different!” Hector takes a deep breath.
“Wesley…you listen and you listen well, you will come with me…you will burn homes, you will stomp humans…and that’s it. Hell, I’ll even hold a human…to your FACE and tell you to kill them if I have too! If you refuse, you can expect a lashing from me every evening you do not obey my orders and no matter how loud you scream, I won’t stop…either you stomp humans or I bloody you in the evenings…you choose…”
The young dragon nods reluctantly…. “Dad…I’m sorry I doubted you….”

Wesley’s father was not lying. The two dragons caused chaos, Wesley as a sign of rebellion, did not partake, he didn’t even set foot in the towns. He detoured as he trailed behind his father, back to the cave. Once Hector was done tormenting the town he was, he flew back angrily and with purpose.“WESLEY!” The young dragon jumps out of his scales as his twenty foot father comes storming into the cave, his tail swaying violently back and fourth as he approaches his son, who inside feels intense fear, but dares not show it on his face. This has happened over and over and over, Wesley tries to suppress the absolute terror he is feeling. He knows his father can see right through it, he always does. Hector knows Wesley fears him, and he loves it. “Dad, I am older now-and I choose NOT to do this! How can you not see the hypocrisy and violence done to these humans?! HOW?!” Hector violently kicked his son to the ground. “WESELEY, I’ve heard enough of your shit!” Hector goes down on one knee, the side of Wesley’s head bleeds from his left eye. “D-dad….p-please….” The young dragon’s voice trembles as he speaks.

Hector flips Wesley on his side, he stands on his hind legs and he grabs his giant whip with metal tips, he begins viciously smacking his son’s back and wings, being that wings are so fragile, they begin to tear. Wesley cries, but does not scream until the tenth lash, he can not speak, he only cries profusely and screams in agony as the stinging grows more and more intense, after forty lashes, his mighty father tosses the whip to the side, he puts his two hands on hips and looks down at his crying and cowering son. “You’re weak Wesley, weak dragons have no place anywhere. I’ve given you lashes, I’ve told you how fucking pathetic you are. I’ve told you to partake with me is burning towns.” His father leans in and whispers in his ear menacingly. “I disown you….I hate you…you’re a disgrace, you are not my son…I hope you fucking eat shit and die Wesley…” Hector stands up and spits upon Wesley before leaving the cave for good. While most may respond to these things with violence, Wesley does not vow to go after his father. He lies in the middle of his cave, his crying has slowed down. The poor dragon tries to stand, but can not. He finally does manage to stand. Wesley then takes a few deep and angry breaths, he then punches a wall in the cave, he does this three times, he closes his eyes tears of hatred and anger begin to flow. “FUCK YOU! YOU DON’T WANT TO ACCEPT ME?!” Wesley then goes outside of the cave, he stands on the edge of the entrance. “GOOD RIDDANCE YOU BASTARD!” He then sends out a long stream of flame from his mouth.

The red dragon then goes back inside. His breathing becomes heavier, he sits down, his knees touching his chest and leans his bloody back up against a wall. He looks down at his clawed feet. Wesley tucks his face into his knees and tries to slow his breathing down…his heart is pumping a mile a minute, he then does what most dragons would not do, he cries profusely….

                                 ACT 1
Vlad Ţepeştakes the throne of Wallachia….

Wesely was now older, still young, but now he was a full adult dragon-but was constantly traveling due to being kicked out of different towns, he tried being friendly-but others just weren’t okay with a dragon being around, whether friendly or not. He started feeling like everyone would be better off without him. The dragon had officially decided to stay in hiding when he came to his next stop, it wasn’t worth the hassle of prejudice townspeople.

Once he hit Wallachia, he needed to find a place to stay, he decided on the cave which overlooked the city. He flew in closer to a nice looking mountain, there was a gaping hole on the side of the mountain-as the red dragon flew in closer, he realized that this hole was a good size for a dragon his size, did someone already live here? Another dragon? It was a possibility. As he flew in, he noticed a nice ledge he could land on which protruded out of the mountain, and if he were to walk forward, he’d walk right into the entrance hole. He landed on the ledge and cleared his throat and shouted. “Hello?! Anyone here?!”

He goes on all fours so he doesn’t bump his head on the rock, he looked very lizard like. He went deeper and deeper into the cave, he came across a small brook inside the cave, which made a calming sort of rainy sort of sound echo throughout the cave. Wesley’s vision heightened as he made his way through the cave.
No one appeared to be in here, he assumed another dragon had lived here a while back. He went all the way to the end of the mountain and saw no one, the mountain from the inside wasn’t huge, but it was big enough for one dragon, he started feeling a bit bad that he couldn’t visit the city in this new place, so he decided to take a nap.

The nineteen year old young man named Abel got up out of bed early in the morning, his wooden house smelling musty-he had worn the same clothes, a white dress shirt, brown slacks and a green vest for weeks-it was all he could afford. He woke to the screams of one man….he looked out his bedroom window and saw the man who was in such agony, in his mid fifties, impaled on a stake through the anus, in the middle of the city. While he did feel a lump form in his throat, he moved on. He didn’t really have time to wallow in the pain of others, this is what the king wanted-so it’s what happened. Abel walked outside, clouds were forming over the town-he needed to eat something. It may seem that this human is hard edged, but in actuality-he was one of the most thinned skinned people in all the city-at least he thought so. Ever since this tyrant of a king came into power, he never felt safe. Actually, his whole life he hadn’t felt safe, he lived alone-ever since he was sixteen. Abel’s parents were killed by the imapler, his mother,Theresa was executed for stealing a loaf of bread, a death Abel had always blamed himself for and his father, John had died while helping build Vlad’s castle, not by the king’s hand, but by tripping on a rock while building the king’s castle and falling to his ultimate demise. One of the early ways Vlad tortured his victims was by making them build his parts of his castle rock by rock, and mostly all the workers fell to there dooms. The teenager never really knew his father all that well, but the death of his mother was tragic to him. In fact, being in this city was tragic. Practically once a week, some poor person would be either tortured in front of the square-Vlad’s name however, fit his favorite torture method. Impalement was the king’s preferred method of torture and execution. His method of torture was a horse attached to each of the victim’s legs as a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body. Death by impalement was slow and agonizing. Victims sometimes endured for hours or even days. Vlad often had the stakes arranged in various geometric patterns. The most common pattern was circles in the outskirts of a city that constituted his target. The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim.

The corpses were often left decaying for months. Viewing this once a week, Abel had had enough. He needed to leave this place, and as he walked the streets of Wallachia-the more and more he wanted to leave. Where would he leave too? Almost as if on time with his thought process, he saw a dragon flying around a large mountain….a dragon? This reptile was sure smart to keep a good distance from Vlad’s evil-this also sprung up a new idea. The young man had two options, either stay here and surly die, either from starvation or Vlad would come up with some ludicrous and unprovoked reason to torture him-or perhaps go to the forest near by this city and find some sort of peace. T

he young man sighed as he looked around and started thinking of the time before his mother died, he would get up, see his mom and talk to her about any dreams or if while outside, had spotted any dragons or fairies or unicorns. She set up what food they had-which was usually nothing, since again, lack of money was a huge problem, a lot of soup was made and maybe some beans, and maybe a loaf of bread for a treat.
To make what little money he could, Abel and his mom would beg on the streets, sometimes to be given some money-but Vlad’s guards would usually spit upon them.
Abel would ask his mother, why some people were so poor and diseased and others lived the high life, like the king and why was he able to boss everyone around and order others to be killed?

Theresa had no good answer for her son’s questions-and that left a certain empty feeling. Now, this feeling was growing ever more now that he had lived on his own-granted, only for a week, but with barely any food and only enough water to survive for about another two weeks, the odds were against him. Abel was just too emotionally drained to handle being here, from the moment he woke up, to the moment he slept, he just felt nervous. He felt jittery, his heart raced every time he’d go outside to get food-this was no way to live. At least in the forest or mountain, he’d be far away from the king…he decided to go back home, grab a bag, pack the very last pieces of bread and a canteen of water and trek, miles through the nearby woods…this would be quite a long shot-it would be about a day and a half worth of walking-but Abel saw at least something different for his life….not this same, corrupt city-a whole world was out there for him to explore. No clouds were in the sky, the weather was cool, but nice.

He then walked for about twenty minutes through the city, and hit the beginning of the woods…. The days for Wesley became boring, his routine was, he’d wake up, the place where he was a large corner of the mountain which was the point where the mountain ceased to go further. Once he awoke, he would walk for a while to the small brook and take a drink. Then, he would go to the ledge and watch the sun raise, and perhaps go for a morning flight. He would circle around the mountain, but couldn’t go much further, being that the people living below would see him. He flew to the ground and below the mountain, was a large river where he’d snatch fish and bring them up to his cave, sometimes he’d dine on the ledge or inside, depending on his mood and the weather.
The dragon felt a bit of depression, not seeing anyone for so long really was mentally draining-and he didn’t want to move again, he knew what the reaction would be.
He knew humans or species of his own kind would hate him. He just knew it, no question. The dragon sighed as he thought to himself‘well, it sure beats being neglected by every towns person imaginable….’ Abel had been walking through the forest for quite sometime.

In about an hour, the sun was setting, beams of light shined through the tops of trees and created sort of a spotlight effect on certain objects in the woods. He had his bag, which was filled with tiny holes over one shoulder; he took a few drinks of water from his canteen. He then came across a fallen tree and sat down, he began thinking to himself.
Was this all worth it? Sure, Vlad is an awful king-but leaving a populated area, was it a smart idea? For only being sixteen, and sensitive-was being out in some unknown forest, prone to the elements really safer than being in the city?

He then stood up; he knew he couldn’t go back to the city, back to where he would surly die by the hand of the king now, since he’d left without any permission or cause that would make Vlad spare his life.

All of the sudden, Abel looked up at the sky, and saw a butterfly. The wings were rather thin, and the color was really strange. Black all over, but the very tips of the wings were a dark red color.
He let the strange looking butterfly land on his finger, out of the blue, he felt a tiny bite on his finger, he moved his hand swiftly-his finger was bleeding! Did the butterfly do that?
Well, no real harm done-the young man simply walks in the other direction.

The dark winged butterfly then starts making a strange noise, very ear piercing and high pitched, making Abel startle a bit. He looks ahead, and all the sudden, about ten of these malevolent butterflies start flying towards him, they make no noticeable sound-they fly towards him, quickly and with precise aim, start biting him, little tiny nips making him bleed, he noticed where a butterfly’s head would be, little jagged teeth were chomping, the terrifying thing is that butterflies are pretty much known for being kind, what was it with these?! Abel swiftly ran away from them, to the left so he wouldn’t end up running to the populated area from once he came.
All butterflies were behind him-all thirty of them and they were multiplying! DAMMIT!

Abel tries not to trip on the roots and logs; he then finds a very deep bog-dead leaves float to the surface of the putrid water.
Abel holds his breath, his vision starts to blur-would this be it? The end?!
He jumps into the bog, dirt and muddy water hit his face imminently-the water goes up his nostrils and into his lungs…he tastes the disgusting bog…he starts fading slowly….in and out….in and out…..a non-human hand then latches onto the wrist of the human….


The dragon sits on the ledge of his cave, not feeling like grabbing two fish at a time, he decided to swoop down and kill about ten in about thirty minutes and bring them back up, just to change is boring routine a bit.

He would have gone for an evening flight, however clouds started circling and the dragon didn’t feel like flying, then having to shake himself off or make a small fire for himself, which he sometimes did on nights he was having a restless sleep. He would grab a few pieces of wood from the forest and stack them on the ledge, then exhale about an inch of flame from his mouth and just sit and think-thinking was his favorite thing to do…but he did feel empty in his heart…for two weeks now he felt this sad and unshakeable feeling.

The dragon wondered if he should just…move away-he considered maybe joining a military. With knights on stallions and stuff, but the strange thing is, would they just go after him since dragons were considered ‘evil’? Would they even consider a dragon would want to fight for the side of good? Probably not….he would die once the soldiers started chucking spears and arrows-it all seemed hopeless….

Abel woke to the sound of a harpsichord. The human feels intense warmth in front of him-there is a tiny fireplace a few feet from him, he slowly opens his eyes and quickly notices he is somewhere he had never been before. He slowly sighs, his head hurts a tiny bit, but the pain from the biting butterflies seemed to disappear, but the marks and some of the dried blood was still noticeable. He sat up quickly, making himself feeling dizzy. The instrument stops abruptly-a rather tall creature approaches him.

Well, creature makes it sound evil or creepy, he actually looked very friendly, this woodland creature is a goat-a goat that walks on two hind legs, his fur is a white color, he is white all over-he does not have hooves for hands-his feet however are hooves, but he has furry white hands, those resembling a human identically, but furry.
He wears a dark green robe with gold edges. He sounds like an older gentleman, in his sixties perhaps-his voice is quite monotone. “Whoa, human! Do not get up too quickly; do not want you getting ill!” Abel is still sitting up, but doesn’t want to stand as he feels quite drained. “So, where am I? Who are you?” The goat-thing sits on a chair beside the couch.
“You are in my home, you are still in the forest-I’m Doran.”
Abel stands up and looks behind him to see if he missed anything. “I’m Abel…wow….I feel a little groggy…” Doran stands up. “Well, I gave you some potion….some strong healing stuff that have that side affect, those butterflies were really after you.”
The human rubs the back of his neck and behind him, a giant wooden book shelf-not filled with books, but filled with bottles of all different colors and sizes, all with paper labels hanging from the caps. “So, you make potion?” The goat nods and puts his hands on his hips. “Yeah, pretty much! I’m also a doctor…” Abel goes up closer to the massive collection. “Those are two good skills to have.”

The goat sighs tiredly; after all he spent about thirty minutes making sure this human had the right potions in him and the right medical care.
“So, Abel…what on earth were you doing in the forest? You’re alone I assume, you must be lost?” The human looks at Doran, the more he’s talking to him, and the more comfortable he feels to be around him. “Oh, no I’m not lost; I just hate being where I am. I want to move away, I felt really nervous where I was….”

Doran notices the human’s voice is quite weak sounding, yet another side affect of the healing potion. The goat-thing pours Abel a glass of water. “You know, there is a dragon around, huh?” As Abel is given the glass of water, he nods. “Yeah, he seems…quiet…I mean, mostly a dragon if he were this close to a village, would surly attack…why hasn’t this one I wonder?” The goat shrugs. “Good question, however I wouldn’t be dragon hunting if I were you….hell, even knights and soldiers get very hurt by those creatures, and you…well…a dragon could very easily kill you….”
“I didn’t go out here to find a dragon, sure I knew about him-but I went to go searching for a new, nervous-free life…” The goat gets dead serious and walks over to the human.
“Careful what you search for, you may not like what you find.”
Abel looks down nervously. “G-good point….”
“So Abel, what’s your plan? You know you’re going to have to convince me pretty much to let you leave on your own in the middle of the night, huh? Let me at least fix you some food, you look like you haven’t eaten in a long while!” The human sits on the couch and finishes his glass of water.

“Thank you kindly, Doran. Well, I plan on making it to the edge of the forest, where the river is-and maybe getting a boat.” As the goat goes to some cabinets, located next to the potions, he smiles. “I’ll give you this, you’ve got guts! I’ll tell you this; if the dragon doesn’t get you…then I truly hope the unicorns do!” Doran then begins to sprinkle some herbs on a piece of roast chicken. The human stands up. “You-you serious?!”
Doran giggles at Abel’s sudden excitement. “Oh yes! I’ve seen three or four, I’ve spoken to them and they’re quite kind! If they found you, they would most likely welcome you, unlike a dragon I assume.”

As Doran lets Abel finish, the goat convinces the human to stay over night, the couch is quite comfortable and the goat told the human to wake him, should anything happen.
Doran tells Abel right before he sleeps that some strong healing potion is in his bag and to drink it should he feel intense pain.

As the sun started peaking over the forest and signs of life were emerging, and the wooded area was becoming quieter as the crickets disappeared and soon would be replaced with birds tweeting to announce the dawn, Abel was in a deep and comfortable sleep on the couch, wrapped in a blanket-when suddenly-a knock on the door rang through the house, the human tossed over and fell asleep again, knowing that Doran was still awake reading a medical book. The goat rushes to the door, hoping that the human is still asleep, for he needs it.

A rather tall and intimidating looking soldier spoke down towards Doran. “Two questions for you, goat! One, where this dragon everyone is speaking of is, and two-you’re living here is disturbing our king, Vlad…and therefore, I must revoke you from this place….”
Doran scoffs nervously. “E-excuse me? You can’t just kick me out of my home!”
Unbeknownst to the goat, the soldier pulled out a small dagger. “This is what VLAD has said….YOU will abide by him!” The goat speaks up. “This is utterly ludicrous!”
The muscular soldier then grabs the goat by the horns, lifts his head up and slices his throat quickly and brutally.
Blood shoots out like a geyser as the gaping hole in the goat’s throat soon grows bigger and Doran falls to the ground, covered in dark red blood, gagging on his own red fluid.
The human yelps in terror and begins crying as the guard walks over to him…

As Wesley sleeps on the ledge of his cave, he swore he heard yelling, and maybe even crying. The dragon lifts his great head up, and hears more yelling! As afraid of social interaction as the beast had become, someone in trouble…now that was a cause to investigate! The dragon takes a deep breath, opens his mighty wings and swoops down towards the noise. As the dragon comes in closer, he sees a rather large cabin in the middle of the woods, this is where the sound was coming from…he knew it.
With great aerial positioning, he landed directly in front of the house and unknown to him-straight on top of the soldier.
Abel was speechless and the guard had been crushed after the horrible sound of a crunch.

The human craned his neck to try and fully see the twenty foot dragon, but it was hard to get the full size.
Abel grows pale, his eyes widen in pure terror, and he backs away quickly and begins to hyperventilate. The dragon’s voice, is not gruff or rough like the human expected, yes-his voice was deep, but it was almost….a pleasant and welcoming kind of tone, perhaps the dragon spoke softer so as not to give those below him a headache, very unusual for someone his size he assumed. Abel began crying more, he had no other way to express how he felt about the death of Doran and the huge beast standing in front of him.
It was a mix of both terror and depression. The dragon stooped his giant head down, a few feet from Abel; Wesley’s tone was one of kindness, but not really one of sympathy and sweetness, more like a teacher telling students to keep quiet.
“Okaaaaaaay…calm down…please…” The human cried a bit more and shook his head; he began shaking-Wesley then thought to go for a warm and perhaps even sweet tone. He cleared his throat and hushes the human quietly. “Shhhhh…hey….I-I promise not to hurt you…alright? You’re okay…you are okay…hush now…okay tiny one?”
Abel couldn’t believe, as terrified as he was, the dragon sounded so damn concerned, his tone so none threatening and…dare he say…pleasant?

The human couldn’t help but stop crying after hearing the dragon’s sincerity; he ever so slowly looked into the dragon’s eyes.
“H-hello….” Wesley smiles a bit, not showing his pointy teeth for fear of scaring off the poor human, he had never in his life seen a human so fragile looking and malnourished. “Salutations, I’m Wesley and you are…..” The human stood up, looking more confident.
“A-abel, sir…” The dragon nods. “So, you feel alright? Where are you off too?” Abel says not a word. The dragon sighs in disbelief, disbelief that he has this burden of taking care of a human, but this is how it would be-life took this turn and he knew he had to take a chance. “Look, I feel horrible leaving you here…would you like to maybe want to spend some time in my home? I am quite spiritless up there alone….”
Abel nods his head happily….

Wesley goes in front of Abel once they’re on the ledge and mere inches from the mountain’s entrance, the sun starts peaking over and the early morning is just beginning, farmers would start coming out and the morning chill starts to hit, which is why the dragon wants so desperately to bring the human inside. He speaks softly and confidently once inside. “Come on in, nothing will hurt you…I give you my word!”
The human slowly walks in, the cave at first is chilly, and however it gets warmer as he goes through a gaping hole, he nearly falls into the small brook, and the dragon watches him from his corner. “Watch your footing now….”

Once passed the brook, the human sees the dragon lying down in front of him, like with most dragons, Wesley indeed has the floor strewn with gold and silver, where did he get this? No matter, Wesley welcomed him with open arms and that was enough for the human. The human sits down to the side of Wesley. “Th-thank you, sir…for everything.” Wesley nods. “It is my pleasure, Abel….I must say you look exhausted!”

The human has quite a hard time falling asleep on the rock of the cave, the dragon watches him for about three minutes, then finally speaks up.
“You know Abel; rock may not be your best bed!”
The human nods and slowly moves closer to the dragon…Abel then leans against the dragon’s back, a much smoother surface. Abel still had trouble sleeping, until Wesley began humming a slow tune, like a lullaby. Was he singing to Abel or was he just humming for the sake of it? No matter, it helped him fall asleep; it put the human at ease. Abel looks at the dragon lying on his stomach and still humming contently, the human turns over to one side, Wesley smiles and they both close there eyes as the sun reveals its full form…

After about an hour, the dragon wakes up before the human does. He makes sure not to move a lot, Wesley looks at the mannerisms Abel makes in his sleep and how different and small he looks when compared to him. Abel looked quite beaten down and tired, what had he gone through that he had not already spoken of?
Was he running from, or to something exactly?
The dragon then felt the human move a bit, he looked at him as he slowly opened his eyes and had forgotten where he was, but in a second he remembered he was with a dragon-a quite unbelievable claim to be honest. Abel spoke, usually he would wait until he woke up before he spoke to anyone, but he felt he needed to tell the dragon what had been on his mind for so long. “So, Wesley-I need to tell you why I’m here.”
The dragon nodded, Abel got up and stood in front of the towering beast. “The city in which I live in is being ruled by a king, a king who is an evil tyrant. Executions in the street, people being impaled for doing nothing wrong, I’ve seen men, woman and children impaled on large stakes…I had to leave and go somewhere else…I went through this dark forest and was attacked by some obscure type of butterfly-some human-goat thing named Doran took care of me for a bit, and now…you’re here. I’m doing better than I was in my village…I’m not going unless that fucking king falls.”
The dragon grows concerned, he’s actually glad Abel is here-finally he has someone to talk to.

During a beautiful sunset, Wesley and Abel sit on the entrance of the cave, the human leans on the dragon as he lies on his belly looking off into the pink sky; Abel tries not to look over the ledge and focuses on his new friend.
“Wesley, can you get rid of this king Please?”
The dragon slowly looks at Abel. “No, my friend….” “Then you want me to stay with you?”
Wesley shrugs. “You can stay as long as you feel comfortable staying.”
Abel smiles, stands up and heads into the cave as the sun goes down and speaks happily; making sure the dragon hears him. “No one is going to believe me when I tell them I hung out with a dragon….”

Back in the Vlad’s castle, a soldier wearing silver metal, all in his traditional garb comes up to the throne. “My lord, one of our citizens is missing.” The soldier barely could breathe, being that Vlad’s throne was surrounded by dead men, woman and children, sticking out of wooden and metal stakes; the bodies were rotting, covered in flies and dry blood.
His whole castle was pretty much covered in bodies. “Bring him to me…” The soldier approaches the king slowly. “We did come across a dead soldier in the forest. Presumably the same soldier you sent to look for that goat you wanted out of the forest. Well, we came across a puddle of blood and armor-I assume something crushed him….we have been hearing rumors of a dragon-perhaps a dragon killed one of our men? If this kid were to run off, is it easy to assume the dragon got to him?”
Vlad sighed. “Yes, however, let us send out more soldiers-find this kid and bring him to me….his stake will be extra tall, no one escapes from me and gets away with it, BUT, first find the dragon, he could cause issues for us-more issues than one kid missing….”
The soldier nods. “Yes, sir….I’ll order the men to stay in the forest, we’ll bring you the kid and hunt the dragon.”


For a week, the soldiers hunted for the kid and dragon, being that they never descended from the cave until nightfall, the search was difficult.
We must remember, that also for a week Wesley and Abel were also together. The dragon grabbed fish for both himself and the human from the river beyond the forest once Abel was asleep, Wesley’s night vision was incredible, as was his hearing.
Abel loved spending time with Wesley, he liked how tall he was, he felt protected when around him-being that he had been exposed to so many of the harsh elements of life, not just in the forest, but in general.
He never felt he had someone who could truly fight for him if needed, Theresa was amazing, but was unable to be protective due to her physical size.

Abel also felt that Wesley was neat to talk to, he had a plethora of knowledge, most of which he kept to himself because he had no one else to talk to.
The human deep down however, felt a sort of sadness with his friend, it was not like depression, and Wesley was indeed full of life and would always take Abel on his back and go for short flights or let him see the forest.
The best day was when Wesley surprised him with seeing unicorns. Wild ones, but unicorns non the less, and they did talk to the human, but not for long, the best moments with Wesley came from the evenings, after the dragon had gotten fish and they were both able to relax, perched on the ledge at the entrance of the mountain, and look at the stars and Abel could somewhat be thinking, I’m with a DRAGON! TALKING to one, FRIENDS with one! It’s perfect!

Wesley was like an open book, and really Abel asked more questions than he, he always came up with new topics, sometimes going into the health of a dragon and what he does to stay physically fit and asked Wesley personal questions, such as what was his childhood like. The dragon was completely honest and told him about his extremely stern and abusive father, Hector and how much he hated violence and how he went through a period of true depression when not around anyone. How long could this happiness last? Forever, the two of them hoped….

The day the event that would change everything, would take place.

It was the middle of the afternoon, Abel had just finished some fish and since he stayed up all night talking to whom he now considered his best friend, decided to take a nap, something very expected and the human himself admitted the fact that he needed a nap every afternoon.
Before, he didn’t sleep too close to Wesley, but at this moment, once the dragon lied on his stomach to just relax and look over Abel, the human wrapped his arms around the giant’s neck. He spoke. “Wesley, I never had a father….” The dragon was just about to put his head down, when he glanced at Abel. “I remember you telling me this, yes….”
A long silence filled the cave, the next sentence was extremely hard for Abel to say, but he had to say it. The statement was driving him crazy all day and if he didn’t say it, it would only consume him more. “W-Wesley, I….I wish you were my dad….”
Wow…that statement…so bold and full of love.
The dragon really couldn’t believe his ears, not only did someone explicitly say they loved him as a family member, but that it came from a human…this was all the more unique.
“Well Abel, that is very kind of you to say…I am honored to be that high on your list of friends and I’m truly touched by your words of kindness…” Wesley gave the human a tiny kiss on the temple before putting his head down, the
Human was already in a light sleep.

The moment the dragon closed his eyes; a voice came bellowing through the mountain!
Abel was startled; the dragon felt the human tremble in fear.
Wesley snapped his eyes open and stood up, Abel hid behind him as ten soldiers with torches came out of the darkness of the mountain-they had found who they were looking for….

The head of the soldiers, a man named Rhone stepped forward and was about three feet from the dragon, he held a crossbow and the arrow was aflame. Wesley spoke; his voice was firm, not yelling, but just extremely intimidating.
“I order you all to tell me what the hell you are doing here, state your business!”
Even though he obviously wasn’t yelling at the human, Abel still felt shivers as he heard the dragon use this tone of voice. Rhone seems not a bit intimated.
“The king is looking for you both…Abel I order you to step away from this beast and come with us back to the city-and as for YOU….” A second after this statement, the flaming arrow flew towards Wesley and pieced his ‘weak spot’.
It is known that every dragon, while their scales are like shields and they are extremely hard to take down, they all had but one thing in common-ONE weak spot, and being that Rhone was a fierce dragon fighter, he knew exactly what a weak spot looked like, and Wesley’s was right in the neck area, an arrow protruded from it.

Wesley yelped as the arrow hit this tender spot, he spit out a bit of fire towards Rhone, making the human get so terrified he started to cry a bit.
Rhone ran forward and grabbed Abel as Wesley tumbled to the ground with a hard smack, the mountain shook slightly as he fell in his weakened state and a puddle of blood formed beneath him…. The human screamed at the top of his lungs and cried profusely as he was grabbed by the soldier.
“NO! NO! HE CAN’T BE DEAD! HE CAN’T BE! LET GO! LET GO! WESLEY!?” The dragon’s breathing became extremely labored as the human was dragged from the cave.
Wesley shouted as loud as he could. “ABEL! I’m COMING! I PROMISE!”

All hope, seemed to be lost. The dragon’s vision became extremely blurry and his neck hurt abysmally and he felt dizzier and dizzier by the moment, his stomach started hurting immensely, he coughed up a bit of blood, he felt he had no other choice but to lie there and die…that is until he happened to glance at the human’s bag, which was open and lying on its side…and see a bottle of potion poking from the front of the bag.

Wesley grunted in pain as he forced himself to crawl quickly to the potion, his body was in a horrible state, but he knew a bit about potion and knew that this potion was healing potion and that if he got it, this wound would soon disappear and he could save Abel….
With precise positioning and a powerful heart and courage, the dragon inched his way closer and closer to the bag, he grabbed the arrow and with a huge tug, yanked it out and threw it to the side, the dragon yells in pain as he does so, he touches his neck lightly, he nearly screamed when his fingers went across the blood soaked wound and like a lightening bolt, pain shot through his entire body, he then crawled faster…and faster…and faster. With a gentle claw, he grabbed the potion, popped the top open and poured the purple substance on his wound, not the entire bottle however.
They would had begun to heal, and the dragon’s breathing returned to normal quickly…he noticed the tag on the bottle read: Property of Doran The dragon drank the rest of the bottle; he felt re-charged…and extremely pissed off. He ran through the cave and once he went to the perch, jumped in the air and flew to the city…hoping with all of his heart the human was still alive and had not been tortured by Vlad the Impaler….

Rhone threw Abel, who was crying in terror at the feet of Vlad, who was holding a wooden stake in his hand. “Well, well Abel..you felt you could run away, hm? I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that I need everyone here…what if I, the king had needed you for something? For this atrocity, you shall not ever again escape the walls of my castle…strip him of everything and bring him outside!”

Vlad walks off, everyone in the city gathers round for another brutal execution. Rhone forcefully throws Abel to the ground, his head cracked against the pavement floor of the castle and the soldier stripped him violently, ripping his shirt and sliding his pants off and forced him outside-the young man now publicly exposed, his head bleeding and tears flowing from his eyes.

The wooden stake is plunged into the ground, Vlad stands near his castle as two soldiers take a hold of the human and spread his legs, he screams in pain as he knows at any second now, he shall be a victim of this ruthless king…however, a twenty foot shadow descends over the city, everyone looks up….a bystander shouts “DRAGON!” before anyone can react, the dragon lands…on none other than Vlad the Impaler. The soldiers drop the young man, who is now curled up in a ball and crying. Wesley looks down and sees the puddle of blood he has stepped in, and the tiny crown beneath his feet…everyone is silent. Every single person turns to the dragon….Rhone shouts. “Who are you!?”

The dragon’s eyes widen a bit as he’s now just realized what he has done. “Wesley…” Everyone is enthralled by his voice tone and the fact a dragon isn’t hurting them, as to be expected as that was one of the first things that drew Abel to him. Rhone coughs “Wesley…it is the law that…whom ever is more powerful than the king, shall be then crowned as one…our town would be king less without you, oh mighty one….” Rhone kneels beneath the dragon’s feet and removes his helmet. All of the sudden, everyone smiles and rejoices that Vlad is now dead, they begin a group chant.

“ Wesley! Wesley! Wesley! Wesley! Wesley!” Rhone, then changes the chant abruptly. “King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley!”

The dragon sighs and whispers to himself…“Holy shit what have I gotten myself into?”

They all still chant…. “King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley! King Wesley!”

A creature and savior emerges from the mountain top….

The crowd then all go down on one knee, the dragon mere centimeters from the people. Wesley clears his throat, they all stand up. The beast at first was going to decline everything and fly back to his home, but these people did need his help. He no longer would be shunned or be judged upon straight away. He felt it would be wrong to abandon everyone, these people looked up to him as a protector and literally, a king now. If he were to abandon everything, who knows what would happen if another king took power? Would he be worse than Vlad?

This thought alone convinced the dragon to stay, to take on this great duty. He took a deep breath, thought about what he would say and looked over the entire group, who were all eagerly awaiting the king’s new commands. His voice sounding stern, but not mean in the slightest. Everyone could hear his voice, and they all leaned in to take in the dragon’s powerful and heroic presence.
“You all will address me as Wesley, my name-the term ‘king’ sounds to god like and I really have a disdain towards it, however if you choose to call me king or make a verbal slip, you will not be punished for it. I will not go through a list of things I want everyone to do, but I do have new ground rules for everyone.” The people looked at the dragon, barely blinking, they expected his rule to be harsh, very much an ‘iron fist’ style of ruling. “Everyone is equal, no matter ethnicity, no matter gender-everyone must get along. No more of the foolishness of the ‘privileged’ getting everything and the poor getting nothing. I look upon this crowd and see a lot of tired faces and undernourishment, this will come to an end. Every single one of you, will have the chance to get food from the castle and bring it back to your home, food will be replenished weekly.”

The people could not believe their ears, some were crying out of sheer joy. “If ever you need to speak to me, I will leave the castle open once a week should you have issues, as your ruler I need to be sure everyone is safe and healthy-speaking of health, if the doctor is ever unavailable, I will be. I pride myself in the knowledge of human medicine. That is all for now, I shall speak to you all should anything come up or if I should think of new rules-good day.”

The dragon speaks to the guards as the people in the city scurry and go about there day. “I would like a building to reside in, not Vlad’s castle which is so far away, I want people to gain easy access to it. Understood?”

Rhone nods and clears his throat, his tone is filled with uncertainty. “You sure you want to do this, King Wesley?”

The dragon nods. “My first orders, all these decrepit bodies be taken down immediately, Rhone-please grab a giant table from the castle walls and put upon it food and drink for all the workers-I can help you if needed. Oh, and you see that poor human who was stripped down? Get him food and water quickly.” Rhone was stunned the dragon knew his name, and even more shocked at his request. Workers getting food and water at their own leisure was something unheard of.


Wesley’s living space had been completed. The thirty-foot castle was placed on the edge of the city, unlike Vlad’s which was high upon a mountain top.

The castle had marble flooring, and really was neat looking. Nothing gold or silver was placed in the castle, it was quite plain-only one floor was needed. To the left of this stone castle, were stained glass windows, on the right, were drawings and painting various people had done of Wesley.

As the dragon first approached the castle, he looked up and down. “This is incredible…” Rhone laughed and nudged the dragon’s leg with his elbow playfully. “We couldn’t have done it with out your help, sir….” It was true, the dragon had helped a lot with the actual building of the place when the workers got too tired to work.

A giant wooden draw bridge was placed down, as the dragon walked through the structure, his tail swayed back and fourth, so standing behind Wesley is dangerous.
He lightly touched the wall with one of his two arms which protruded from his upper chest, he went to the edge of the castle and lied down. “This truly is magnificent!” Rhone approached the dragon. “Sir, do you want any entertainment, a jester, naked woman?”

The dragon scoffed. “No, naked woman is hardly my idea of entertainment, neither is a jester-tell all the gurards they can have free time.” Rhone sounded quite confused. “Sir, ‘free time?’” The dragon nodded. “Indeed, they can do whatever, but shall they lay a finger on any innocent person, and they will be forced to report to me-as long as they hurt no one, not an animal or human or themselves, then I do not care what they do.” Wesley then closed his eyes and took an afternoon nap….

The prejudice thinking of this dragon quickly dissipated, in everyone’s mind, this dragon made an amazing king.
Every two weeks, the dragon would take a group of peasants and let them dine on copious amounts of food-and if they so wished, they could even sleep in one of the many bedrooms the castle held. Wesley had very little alone time,

Even though Rhone was one of the king’s servants, he was a bit leery of this creature ruling over an entire city. The feeling was quite mutual, the dragon after all knew he worked for Vlad the impaler, and performed a lot of the killing-heck, he even hurt Abel. Wesley would speak to him about this shortly.

One day, Abel went to this massive castle, he was let in right away.
“Wesley!” The dragon looked up and smiled as the human ran up to him and hugged him as the dragon lowered his huge neck. “How are you, Abel?” “I’m good…” He looked so much better than he once had, no longer was he malnourished, he had a bath recently and just looked chipper. “Wesley, you’re a king now!”
The dragon chuckles “I guess I am, my friend…” Wesley lies on his stomach like he always did in the cave. The human sits close to him. “How does it feel?” Wesley smiles. “Well, it’s a bit intimidating, I’ll admit.” “You’re truly amazing, Wesley…you know that?” “If you say so, Abel…thank you kindly.” Rhone kept an eye on the human.
The dragon surly had a lot to think about, his routine had changed drastically.

In the morning, the dragon would wake up, he would let the soldiers sleep and go off for a morning flight, but the soldiers didn’t really like this, being that someone could shoot him, someone from another city, but the dragon insisted.

Wesley would come back and greet the soldiers, he would be given updates on how everything was, if any humans wanted to come in or if any fights had broken out-it was usually quite calm though. The dragon then would be offered some food for breakfast; he would go off and eat in another room-being that he hated eating in front of others.
In the afternoon, Wesley would take a nap, either this, or once a week, he gave a speech about any important things on his mind and let the city people ask any questions, he always liked keeping up to date.

The speeches were amazing because, before he’d even come out, everyone would stand in front of the castle, cheering Wesley’s name, the excitement they felt for him, was powerful to say the least.
In the evening, Wesley normally invited two or three families who were less fortunate to the castle and let them bathe in the castle, dine on food and drink, and perhaps let them stay over night if they wished.
He made an amazing reputation with mothers especially; he would talk to young children at great length as they would hammer him with question after question after question. A lot of people had questions for the dragon in fact.
His days were quite busy, but he loved it all.

The dragon had ruled over the city for about two weeks now, the evening sky was filled with clouds and rain pattered on top of the castle roof. All of the soldiers were asleep; Wesley looked out one of the windows, watching the rain drip off of the glass. He heard Rhone’s footsteps and glanced at him.
“Would you like anything, sir before I sleep?” The dragon looked back out the window.
“Rhone, when Vlad ordered you to hurt Abel, you did so without question. Are you that prone to listening to orders?” The soldier cleared his throat. “I was only following orders…” The dragon looks at man, who is slightly nervous that the king might be upset with him. “That worries me that you will hurt anyone just because someone tells you too-now it could be because a king tells you to, but still this implies that you are indeed okay with hurting others, is this true?”
Rhone rubs the back of his neck. “If that is the order, then yes…I am perfectly okay with it…I would kill a mother, father, baby, and teen, anyone if I was ordered to…”
Wesley sighs. “Rhone, your dedication to a king is quite disturbing. When I die, their will be another king to take my place, and you’ll be by there side, correct?”
The soldier nods. “That is my duty, my father did the same job…and that is my duty, to take orders from the king.”

Wesley walks towards him, his tone is stern, but quiet, and he takes a deep breath.
“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave….” Rhone looks curiously at the dragon.
“What do you mean? For the evening?” The dragon shakes his head.
“I mean forever….I’m sorry that I have to do this, but I can’t have you here-you’re prone to hurting others, and furthermore, you hurt Abel-and while he is fine now, I just don’t feel comfortable with you being here….”
Rhone looks down. “I-I failed you?” The dragon goes near the draw bridge and opens it.
“No, but your presence is….for lack of a better word, upsetting. I’ll get you a new job somewhere else, I won’t leave you homeless, and because that in itself would be wrong-but I just don’t want you to have such high authority….”
Rhone approaches the draw bridge which leads to the entrance of the castle.
“Sir, with all due respect, just doesn’t have me order to kill anyone and things will be peaceful….” “You don’t understand, Rhone-the only time it is okay to hurt someone is in self defense, but you’re alright with hurting the innocent-your mind is clouded in darkness…and I can’t have you hear…now please, leave….” Rhone walks off into the night….planning….this damn king lost him his job…the dragon would regret it….

The soldier walks straight ahead to the town….being that the castle and town and so closely connected. Rhone walks towards Abel’s home…and takes a small dagger out of a sheath.

The dragon is about to sleep, when a random soldier comes bursting into the castle, out of breath and soaked with rain water. “S-sir! SIR!” The dragon turns around and is extremely concerned. “Please, slow down and tell me everything…alright?” He points outside.
“Rhone is heading for Abel’s home and has a knife in hand….”
Wesley takes a deep breath, he felt like yelling at the top of his lungs, but did not.
“Out of my way…” The dragon heads right for Rhone, who is nowhere to be seen. The dragon’s heart beat accelerates, he hears a yell! “WESLEY!” The dragon’s eyes widen. “I’m COMING!”
The dragon opens his massive wings and flies to Abel’s home.
Rhone has Abel by the throat, he is covered in blood, the solider picks him up and drags him outside, the rain pours harder than before, the human is unable to move due to the wounds he’s gotten. “I was never comfortable with a dragon ruling Abel…never….”
The dragon’s massive feet land mere inches from where this action is taking place, everyone gets out of bed and stands behind the king. Rhone looks up at the creature.
“So Wesley, you finally know my true intentions…I was NEVER okay with you being king…so I took matters into my own hands!”

The dragon picks Rhone up without any effort, he becomes pale, and the dragon’s voice is quite evil sounding. “You thought hurting another living thing would make me step down from the throne?! No, Rhone…you should have hurt me, instead of poor Abel…”
Suddenly, a group of soldiers draw there bows and arrows, they’ve all come from the castle, they’re about forty of them. Wesley grasps Rhone tighter and looks at Abel, who is not moving. “Wesley….don’t you see?! All this time, I’ve been preparing for this moment! DRAGONS and CREATURES are not FIT to be kings…they should be mere pawns in schemes, disposable really…what you are is DISGUSTING!”

The folks who are for the dragon, which is pretty much everyone in this city, are shocked. They felt Wesley was a heavenly gift. The dragon tosses Rhone harshly to the ground, he screams in pain. “Walking…will prove to be very difficult in the future, Rhone….”
The fall severed the man’s back, the pain increases. Wesley then goes up to Abel, who is covered in blood. “A-abel…don’t die…please!”

Wesley is now crying softly at this moment, no one had ever seen a dragon cry before.
The dragon lightly touches the human’s neck with his claw, his pulse is barely moving, Abel speaks, and blood gurgles from his mouth. “W-wesley….c-can you hum that song. The song that I fell asleep to when I was in your cave the first night?”

The dragon kneels down and begins softly humming the tune as Abel slowly dies in the pouring rain.  All the soldiers draw there bows and arrows, all aimed at Wesley.
The dragon looks at them and cries harder…the dragon’s supporters, the families he helped, the children he spoke too, all walked directly in front of him.

It was no use, they released the arrows, all aiming at the one weak spot Wesley had…Wesley then looks up to the sky, thunder and lightening roar in the sky. He knows that if he does nothing, he would surly die…he couldn’t do that to these people. They needed a ruler. Wesley looks at the terrified people, his supporters and whispers kindly and calmly. “I will be back…I promise…I’m still your king. All of you go to my castle, take all the food and blankets you need and I’ll come back in a few days…it’s dangerous for me to be here now and I can’t risk getting killed here…not when you people matter so much to me…I’m not leaving you. Go!”

The dragon then inhales deeply, looks at the soldiers and shoots a large fire ball in there direction from his mouth…the heat is quite intense, the soldiers all run amok at the same time and shout, some are burned severely, some are terrified, they realize they should have fired-and yet they did not. They dare not do anything with Wesley watching, they mistook him as weak-and while he is peaceful, they now understood what lengths he’d go to, to protect the people he ruled over. All of the soldiers retreated from the city that very night in terrified states.

Wesley then took this opportunity to take off into the air…back to his mountain.
He felt heading back to his mountain for a bit would be the best, he needed to mentally compose himself. It felt like he had been through so many emotions, and feel like he may have taken on more than he can handle. He also figured Rhone may have sent other dragon hunters his way, and if he did-the dragon would be harder to spot in the mountain. Wesley felt safer being away from the city for a bit.

He needed a rest, his head was pounding from all the shouting and the adrenaline he felt as Abel died in front of him. How much would Abel’s death affect him in the long run?
For some reason, the creature didn’t cry at the death of his long time friend, but the more he thought of his bloody corpse, the sadder did he become and he would need time to compose himself.

Before he would have felt self loathing, he did not feel this hatred, he knew that even though he was king, he couldn’t blame himself for every awful thing that happens, thoughts of everything being his fault tried to flood his mind, but he didn’t let these intrusive thoughts bother him. However, he did feel bleakness for Abel, this poor human died and there wasn’t much the dragon could do-how would he have known Rhone would go off the handle and go on a revenge trip? Not to mention all of this, he also had the weight of the city on his shoulders. The beast looked down at the city, the city of Walachia, the city that needed a kind ruler from the beginning, and now they had one….he still felt accepted, he knew they’re people down there, who love and care for him very much, heck, they risked life itself when the soldiers were about to fire there weapons. Wesley felt confident in his position of power…

Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race. -Stanley Kunitz


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