My first furry convention!

I had seen so many photos from furry conventions, and being that like 90% of my short stories do indeed feature furries / anthropomorphic animals, I was so interested in what a con would be like. It was amazing if I should describe it one word-see I went there to conduct interviews with members of the fandom, and honestly-the ones that were on camera were the most kind, funny, energetic and open minded people I’ve ever met.

When I would approach one of these fellows-I truly had no idea what they would say and do, and that sort of energy kept me on my toes. They also seemed to enjoy my random questions and comments-I felt extremely open and able to really test the waters for ‘comedy’-not offending anyone, but also saying unexpected things or having over the top reactions.

Anyway, truly an amazing and happy experience, I normally have a bit of anxiety when approaching others-but as I said, these furries were just so open minded and fun, I had no problem talking to them about anything.

Now, EVERYONE there was asking me about a ‘fursona’ and while I’m still sort of on the fence about exactly what I want him to be, I am defiantly going to go with either a horse or dog-and I think want him to be a detective, so perhaps in the near future-you will see me in a fursuit! šŸ˜€

Thank you SO much to everyone who dealt with my silliness at the con, you all are great!



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