Rocket Raccoon: Harvest!



Rocket Raccoon: Harvest!

A Fan Fiction by: Aaron B.

Based on the Marvel Character Created by: Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen




Planet: Halfworld
Time: Evening

The young man ran, barefooted and shirtless, he wore only dark blue slacks. The pressure from the cement became too much for his feet, so he swiftly hid in a corner and leaned against the cold brick building near by.
A red backpack hung from his back-he barely had enough time to grab it before the attack happened.
Using his sense of hearing, he tried to detect if his attackers were anywhere near, he heard them speaking in the distance, calling on there radios and trying to figure out the coordinates of the running kid, the voices only became closer.
He held his breath, a nice shadow covered his entire body due to the collapsing roof of the abandoned building he was up against, and so he knew he was quite well hidden.
The attackers in black ran right passed him, the human began breathing normally and ran across the rocky cement street, splashing in deep puddles and getting colder by the moment, rain had fallen only about an hour before all of this happened-so the road was caked in rain water.
Where this young man was running through, was an outdoor mall-not a very popular outdoor mall, being that only about thirty pedestrians were in the area, and the only reason why anyone would go here so late at night, was due to the bar-which was open 24/7.

Using the corners of many stores and the lack of light to his advantage, he attempted to hide from his attackers-even though; he knew they were probably searching a new area by now.
The humdrum folks who were shopping were totally oblivious to this young man who had been in danger for nearly two days now, he looked at the folks-some of them animals who wore clothes and walked upright, and some of them normal looking humans, but that’s how this planet was.

Matthew was smart, he was scared out of his wits though-but he did have a good head on his shoulders.
He had made it this far, while he wasn’t too confident in himself, he knew he had to keep going. Who were these attackers that were following him? He didn’t know. Why did they want him? This answer eluded him as well, the seventeen year old ran into the back entrance of a closed clothing store and stole a white dress shirt, socks and sneakers from a near by hanger, and strolled out of the entrance-briskly walking to the small bar-hoping to evade anyone who may harm him…

The first thing that hit Matthew, was the smell of the alcohol, and I think this is a good time to tell you that this young man, is half blind-or ‘partially sighted’ for a more accurate and maybe kinder term.

If you look at Matt’s face, you can see both eyes are rather cloudy, he is able to directly in front of him, but has no peripheral vision-but once you go off into the distance or to far left and right, he has trouble identifying who you are-but he can listen to footsteps and voice to know how far you are from him, he sort of has ‘tunnel vision’ you could say.

He is always cautious and quite aware of his surroundings, his sense of smell and touch are incredible-and really, it’s what has kept him alive for these two horrendous days.

The human gulps nervously as he listens to all the conversations around him, his hands slightly stick out to the sides, careful not to bump into anyone unfriendly. He makes his way to the front of the bar table and awkwardly sits on a bar stool.
In front of him, are an alignment of brands of drinks, a frog in a bowtie serves all the customers.
Matthew sighs deeply, he listens to the voices on the left and right of him, he is at the last stool of the bar, and about half of the building is full of tipsy animals and humans. Quiet conversations carry on, soft jazz plays in the background.

The bar is rather small, it’s a classy bar-not the kind of bar where fights normally happen, windows surround the place, the floor is marble, posters of beers and wines decorate the ceiling.
The stools are made of black leather; a few candles light some corners of the bar, but most of the lighting is soft and comes from tiny, white bulbs along the edges of the back wall where the bartender stands and serves drinks.
The bar table is smooth and made of a dark wood-this bar certainly was out of the human’s pay range.

He then smelt a bit of smoke in come from one side of him, Matt cocks his head and not even a foot from him-a raccoon sat. Did Matt know he was a raccoon?
No, but he knew this fellow was short by the distance of his voice as he spoke to the bartender.”I’ll have a Bourbon…” This individual spoke in a slightly ‘city accent’, and his tone was quite alert, he smelt no alcohol on the creature’s breath-this was his first drink.
Matt glances at the grey and black raccoon quickly, he then folds his hands on the table-the bartender speaks.”What can I get you, kid?” Matt jumps a bit and looks straight at the bartender.”Ummm, just water please…thanks.”The rather frumpy, old frog looks at the human’s rather alert expression, his tone turns concerned.”Kid, you seem jumpy…everything okay?”The human nods and gives a quick smile. “Yes sir, thank you for asking.”The frog goes off to get a glass of water, which is cut short by a phone call in the kitchen area.

Suddenly, the raccoon taps the human on the shoulder, Matt looks directly at him-the human now can make out the shape of the guy’s head and see a tad bit of his color, he speaks in a firm, but soft tone. This raccoon wears black boots, green pants and a dark brown, leather vest. Around his waist, is a large, black belt with one gold buckle-and hooked on the right side of the buckle, a holster. “Matt, I need you to listen…”
The human looks astonished, very surprised this critter knew his name; the raccoon slowly moves his hand over the handle of his laser pistol and whispers, leaning right up against his ear. “There is a guy in this room, who wants you dead….now, I’m going to count to five- you’re going to go run for the exit of the bar, to the left and wait for me. Got it?” The human’s heart thuds a mile a minute-could this raccoon be lying? What if he’s going to shoot him? Was he hired by the same group who is attacking him now?
“Got it?!” The raccoon states in a swifter, and more aggressive tone-like time is of the essence. The human nods again, the critter slowly takes out his weapon.

Time moved in slow motion, all Matt could hear was the thudding of his own heart in his ear, the unknown animal twirls around on the bar stool and fires his weapon, after a loud, electrical bang-a man in black tumbles backwards as blood splatters one of the walls of the bar. The waiters and waitresses all get on the ground in terror, three more of the mysterious men in black bust through the front door of the bar-wielding semi-automatic weapons, and while they’re way more powerful than the pistol our main hero has, they’re just a tad bit larger-but not by much. These machine guns maybe small in size, but they tear up the walls a bit as well as everything else in sight. They start to shoot the entire bar, bottles and glass cups shatter, the noise emanating from the three gunmen weapons is deafening. The critter with the laser pistol swiftly gets on all fours, looking more like a raccoon now-and runs for one of the gunmen.
Before the attacker is able to look down, a laser shot goes straight through his foot, causing him to drop his weapon-Matt’s mysterious savior, Rocket methodically catches the firearm as the gunman dropped it to check his foot, he then hops onto a near by chair so he can be level with the two remaining gunmen, with great aim-he shoots them both quickly in the skull. As the smoke from the all the gun fire is lifted, using the strap hooked onto the weapon-the raccoon hoists it over his back easily and briskly walks out of the bar.


Mathew stays hidden in a corner, right outside the exit.
The mammal steps out cautiously, but confidently. Matt can hear the sound of his black boots as they scrape against the stones on the road-which was a good way to keep track of him. The back of the bar is covered in trash, old paper, food wrappers, empty bottles-a dim street light illuminates the area, the tar beneath them rocky and cracked.
The raccoon and Matt stand in a sort of small parking lott area; this was used in case the front of the bar was packed with parked cars, but only one car stood parked a few feet from our two characters. The human shakes in fear and does not speak-for fear of this seemingly violent guy shooting him quickly-and not knowing what the heck went on in that bar-most of him thought that the raccoon must have died, and he’d be left alone…again. The gun wielding fellow turns to the human and speaks in a very unsympathetic tone. “Come on, we gotta go-plenty of time to be scared inside…” Inside? Inside where? Was he being kidnapped? Saved? Killed? Tortured? Matthew realizes he really had no choice but to trust him-he slowly nods and follows the critter to a car-looking type vehicle.

While this vehicle has four wheels and four doors like a car, the shape of it is much sleeker-it looks more like a sports car / space pod combined.
Matt steps in the passenger side of this ‘car’, and the first thing he notices is that on the dash bored, buttons and levers. This was unlike any car he’d ever been in-the raccoon hops on the opposite side of Matt, they now sat only about a mere six or seven inches from each other, the vehicle starts. The critter controlled the movements of the vehicle-all with his paws. No pedals, which really did make sense being that this survivor was not the tallest. The ‘car’ zooms down a road and out of the mall area, and Matt prays that this guy only means well, Matt puts his red bag by his feet and sighs deeply.

The sun begins to rise upon the planet; the sky turns a dark shade of blue.
Matt’s voice is a bit calmer now, but still soft and he is still leery and realized he probably shouldn’t have hopped into a vehicle with a complete stranger. “Why..why did you save me back there? How did you know my name? Why don’t I know your name?”
The driver then speaks in a slightly cocky and confident tone-which Matt found rather amusing. “I saved you because it’s my mission-I’m sure you have another question, so I’ll wait…” “You got that right…mission? Who are you…really? These past few days have been nothing…b-but torment! Being chased by men in black, fearing for my life every second!”
The furry creature looks at the human and tosses his new weapon in the back area of the craft on wheels. “Jeez, you keep on whining, I’m sending you back to the bar…”
The human’s heart sinks a bit; the raccoon looks at him and rolls his eyes. “I’m kidding. Name is Rocket, I’m sorta…well…a ‘law enforcement official’ of this whole galaxy around here. I do other stuff on the side, but that’s beside the point. Basically it’s my job to make sure no one is getting killed by jerks who want to see harm done to others, I maybe careless-but not careless enough to want to see others get hurt. I’m good at it-so good in fact that my…erm, ‘boss’ asked me to keep an eye on you-for money! You’re safe with me-it’s all about money!”

Matthew stares blankly at Rocket, not wanting to mention his height or the fact that he’s a raccoon-for fear of upsetting him. As loud and energetic as Rocket is, the human also feels a slight comfort with him, he seems honest enough and why would he lie about the whole mission thing anyway? Matthew now wants more; he rubs the back of his neck anxiously. “So, Mr. Rocket-the last…the last thing I remember is moving here, and one night I was at my house, with my parents. I heard a knock on the d-door and three men, dressed all in black came crashing in-took my parents, but I escaped. Why do they want me?” The craft then turns to an abandoned road, no buildings, no signs-just dirt, Rocket lights a cigarette and plops it in his mouth. “Ugh-you have a lot to learn, kid. Well, from what I know, these guys only target humans. I know once they get a hold of them, they’re never seen again. They black bag ya…” The vehicle comes to a complete stop in front of a large, abandoned warehouse.

The warehouse echoes, as Matt follows the raccoon’s footsteps, he really tries to get a sense of how huge the place is. Windows are quite high up, nearly reaching the ceiling. The floor is smooth concrete, bright lights hang from the ceiling and make a slight ‘buzz’ sound. They’re a few crates in the area-but they’re all tucked away in corners, two beds sit side by side one another, Matt assumed Rocket had had this place planned out way before the two actually met. Rocket takes off his brown vest and lies down tiredly on the left bed; Matthew sits on the edge of the bed on the right.
The beds are slightly squeaky; each one has two white blankets and two white pillows, the human folds his arms and listens to every sound, from Rocket clearing his throat a bit, to the sound of a light rain, to the sound of a single bird tweeting outside.
The raccoon puts his pistol and machine gun under his bed, then proceeds to lie down again-he lifts the blankets over himself, Matt is startled by Rocket speaking to him. “You should get some sleep…” Matthew lies down slowly and sighs deeply, looking at the ceiling. “Mr. Rocket? Thanks…for…for everything.” “Yup-oh and drop the ‘mister.'” Matt smiles a tad bit, he takes a large stuffed animal of a horse out of his red bag, cuddles up to it and slowly closes his eyes; he got his first full rest in a long while.

Rocket slowly wakes up, looking at the ceiling of the massive, but mostly empty building-Matthew sleeping soundly, the horse stuffed animal was given to him by a very special horse-more on him shortly.
The raccoon slowly hops on the floor and throws on his vest and boots, he goes to the ‘car hybrid-thing’. The air is cool, not much activity is going on being that it’s very early in the day-Matt was sleeping away the day, which was fine as far as Rocket was concerned. Less to worry about, who wants to baby sit someone who’s wide awake and hyper? With his ‘human like’ hands, he grabs a small, pad-like device from the back of the car, flat and square-shaped and made out of a hard, nearly unbreakable glass. He pushes a button on the left side of the pad, a hologram instantly pops up. The clear, HD image blinks, a brown Clydesdale looks at the raccoon. Only his head and shoulders are seen, he wears his usual garb-a one piece-silver armored suit, on his left breast is a nametag that reads ‘Sergeant Clop.’ Actually, Rocket had only met him a few weeks ago; the horse had in fact come to him…


The horse sergeant had heard of some mysterious group, kidnapping humans. While humans were rarely part of his life, the contract he had signed before becoming such high rank stated the following, among pages and pages of official rules and regulations:
‘Too protect and serve all living things and make sure they have the passage to life and the pursuit of his / hers desires, as long as it does not inflict negatively upon anyone else.’

As a sergeant, he got many reports of missing persons, but Matthew was actually a human he had known personally. Matt has a genuine interest in what goes on as far as the unique individuals on this planet. He had before never seen animals walking about and it being a normal, everyday event. Matt called the sergeant ‘Mr. Clop’, which the horse found rather cute and amusing. He wasn’t like most sergeants-sure he was stern and maybe not smiley, but deep down-he liked teaching others, so when Matt and he met up on one fine day, he was happy to bring the young man to the army base and show him around.

The army base the horse works on, is actually rather small-Matt remembers his favorite thing being the silver metal jump suit Mr. Clop and his soldiers wore.
The suits made them look extremely heroic, and Matt had a liking to being around someone like that, his parents were loving and supportive-so Matt was really able to explore the planet, since the area he lived in was quite safe. He loved bumping into new creatures and such-and for a long time he would not feel fear….until that one night. His parents black bagged, no trace left. Mr. Clop had found out about the incident quickly-Matt had contacted him through a pad-like device he had at home-which he used to write messages to friends or read, once he had written that he was in trouble and sent them message to Mr. Clop, he took the device with him so that the stallion could trace him.

The sergeant knew this kid had to be on the run, or dead, and he indeed did try to save the human himself, with permission of his higher officials, but no one let him. The horse knew of only rookies locally, he wouldn’t send one of them out to bring back the human-he needed someone who would break rules, someone who was tough, someone who had no qualms about killing an enemy-and he knew that critter of interest would be Rocket Raccoon-and his friend Groot should he be around. He needed the raccoon to bring the human safely back to the military base, the horse would meet Matt there…much easier said than done.

The two met at a casual diner, more or less a coffee shop actually. Well, Mr. Clop actually had approached Rocket unannounced, he thought trying to persuade him in person, would be better. The horse had his uniform on-the raccoon wore a sleeveless orange jumpsuit, black straps went across the chest area, the pants on the suit only went down to his knees.
In front of him, he had a cup of some unknown liquid, the horse sits across from him, the stallion is about six feet tall, Rocket is about four feet-but being that he stood on the chair, they were almost eye level at the moment, the horse nods and speaks in a calm, but slightly urgent tone. “Are you Rocket?” The raccoon looks up the horse and places his paw on the holster of his pistol. “Yeah, yeah-I’ll sign an autograph for ya and then…you leave, I’m not in the mood for much today…” The horse lets out a quick shrug.
“Autograph? Erm…no thanks. Look, I’m sorry to bother you-I didn’t know really who to turn too…I’ve read about you, I’ve read of the galaxies you’ve saved-and I also know that you don’t turn away from money…” The raccoon places both paws on the table, his tone stern.”You have forty seconds…” Mr. Clop pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts.
“Well, my friend Matt-he’s young, he’s never really been off on his own. I truly…am scared for him. He’s being hunted by some shady group-and I want you to bring him to me.” The raccoon’s ears twitch a tiny bit, he folds his arms in a slightly cocky manner, and deep down-the horse was actually amused by his sassiness. “So, why should I care exactly? Humans have really done nothing for me, why is this guy any different?”
The horse raises an eyebrow, clearly offended by the comment. “Well, for starters-you’re an expert marksman, your ability to fight is quite good-and I also know that you have a bounty on your head in a few areas-as a sergeant of my military base, I could clear your name-you’re someone who doesn’t deserve to be labeled a ‘bad guy’…I know you better than that.” Rocket sighs a bit and rolls his eyes; this guy had indeed done his research, which would maybe make getting out of this situation difficult. “Well for starters-don’t ever say you know me, because you don’t How much money are we talking?” The horse hands the raccoon a check.
“$400 now, $400 once he’s returned safely.”

Almost a grand! The raccoon’s interest surly was peaked now-he thought of all the kick ass weapons he could buy, hell he could buy a whole new ship! Rocket smiles a tad bit at the horse, placing the check in his pocket. “Rocket-this young man…will truly be grateful for you helping him, you should know he can not see very well-so he will need assistance as far as getting up and about, but trust me-he shouldn’t give you any issues.” “Alright, scoop up Ray Charles and bring him to you at I assume the military base you work at?”
The horse nodded. Ray Charles? How does Rocket even know who he is? Perhaps he did read a book or two about earth, but it seemed odd for him to do such a thing.Once the agreement was made, the horse kept a close eye on his friend-he told Rocket he was going into the bar that fateful night. Rest is history.


Matt and Rocket sat on the edge of each of there beds. The raccoon wore the orange jumpsuit he had on when he met Mr. Clop-Matthew had on the dress shirt he had stolen from the clothing store. The raccoon was cleaning out the Uzi he had used to wipe out the entire bar, he hummed a bit as he did so-which amused Matt and made him smile. Matt held his electronic pad and began reading about Rocket, all of his accomplishments on his home planet. “Rocket, you have quite a resume here, I am impressed!”
The raccoon glanced at the human and shrugs. “Glad someone is”
Matt puts the pad down on the bed and looks at Rocket, this was the first time the human could see what his savior truly looked like in good lighting, and the whole thing of him being a raccoon, didn’t phase him one bit. “Why do you say that?”
He then finishes cleaning off the gun, he then cocks it. “People can be so flarking ungrateful-I feel like no one really does care when I go out of there way to swoop in and save them-makes me sick.” Matt had never heard the word ‘flarking’ before-but assumed it was an alternative to an ‘f bomb.’ “Rocket? I…am grateful, just so you know. I’d be dead without you, and I’m sorry others have not extended the same kindness.” “You have nothing to be sorry about, kid.” Matt puts the electronic pad back in his back pack.
“Rocket? What do you think of planet earth? I used to live there, and…I’m curious as to what you’d think of it…” “I’ll tell you my one and only thought; Earth is there, because the galaxy needed an insane asylum.”
Matt lets out a quick laugh; the raccoon smirks a tad bit-glad that he could make this kid who had been through so much loosen up a bit. Rocket had not been used to hanging out with someone like this; most of the folks he hung out with were either other rebels, or criminals. Matt seemed to be quite a mixed bag-at once, on his feet and he must have a streak of toughness, he was able to make it as far as he did without getting caught.
However-he seemed to also be quite sensitive, and Rocket perhaps isn’t the most sympathetic hero in the galaxy-but he’d admit Matt seemed to have his good points. The raccoon just hoped Matthew wouldn’t end up being an annoyance-but then again, he’s getting paid nearly a grand to watch him…so that did make it worth it if nothing else. Of course, the human found all of this fascinating, even though he couldn’t see well, he still of course knew this all was a whole new life experience, being with Rocket himself was all the more cool being that now, Matt had read up about him, and he did wonder about Groot-why wasn’t he here? Was he off doing something else? Was he taking a vacation?
The question almost dropped from his mouth, when a bright red laser sight hovered over his chest.

The raccoon yelps a bit and leaps onto the human, causing him to fall on his back just as the sniper fired, Matt rolls under the bed as Rocket goes on all fours and retrieves the Uzi from under the bed. The laser sight then disappears-the raccoon holds the gun with one paw, cautiously scanning the high windows of the warehouse.
Matt was smart enough to not stand up, he crawls out from under the bed, keeping his breathing controlled-keeping his thoughts as clear as possible. At the entrance of the warehouse, violent knocks could be heard. Rocket then taps the human on the shoulder and gestures him over to the large crates-the human and the raccoon briskly run to the crates and crouch beneath them, Matt was visibly nervous-but kept his cool for the most part. Rocket leans up to the human’s ear and speaks in a commanding tone, Matt hung on to every word he spoke. “We’re going to go to the side exit, once there-we’ll go to see a friend of mine and get you to that Sergeant, Mr. Ed…got it?”

Our hero makes yet another, perhaps slightly annoying earth reference. The human nods, sensing the stress in his tone….the two then run again, Rocket in front of Matt, his Uzi up and ready to fire if needed. The raccoon then approaches the side door; he then looks at Matt, sort of angry that he just stood there. “Kick the door down, Stevie Wonder! We have NO TIME!” The human rolls his eyes, slightly and gives a swift kick, the door then swings open, one of the many attackers stands and fires his pistol directly at Matt, the bullet grazes his arm-the human yelps, the raccoon fires a round of bullets into the chest of the shooter, blood pops out like a geyser from his chest before he falls to the ground. As dark red liquid pours from the human’s shoulder, Rocket glances over and notices it.
“We’ll get you fixed up later-we gotta GO!”

Rocket and Matthew find themselves outside, the air chilly, the sun out. The secret side entrance of the warehouse looked the same as the front for the most part. The sky is blue, the ground they stand on is flat and made of tar-surrounding them are a few different roads and buildings-teeming with other vehicles zipping by. The roads were quite busy today-but no signs of anyone dressed in black and ready to fire a weapon were seen, however-Rocket didn’t take a chance. The two rush to the raccoon’s slick car-once they approach it, the vehicle explodes into loud and fiery ball-the two are knocked over from the sheer force. The raccoon stands up and groans angrily and watches Matt stand up-the human then looks around, his fear showing through a bit now. Rocket kicks a near by stone, sending it flying in the opposite direction. “FLARK!” After shrugging a bit, Rocket rubs his eyes. Matt sighs deeply. “Rocket…th-these men are relentless! Honestly, I’m…I’m now getting terrified. They blew up your car a-and…damn!”
The raccoon nods as Matt rubs the back of his neck nervously; to the left of the warehouse is a dark green vehicle, a jeep looking thing, Matt then speaks in a slightly happy tone.
“Look at that!” The raccoon looks over to where Matt points and smirks.

The two run a few feet to a dark green jeep, it isn’t armored much, but it looks durable, it looks much more like a vehicle you would see on earth, two doors, no back seat, it has a rectangular shape like most jeeps do-its wheels are thick and big, making it able to go through any kind of terrain. Rocket approaches the vehicle-realizing the door is locked, he fires a single bullet into the driver’s side window, the window shatters on impact and the raccoon makes a large leap, hopping through the new hole he had made, Matt watches Rocket’s large brown tail sway a bit as he makes his way into the jeep, he loved Rocket’s tail and found it cute. He loved the light grey color, how bushy it was and the black rings that circled it. Like all the vehicles on this planet, they’re no pedals-only a series of buttons and a wheel on the dashboard. The human throws his seat belt on, and watches the raccoon press a series of buttons and the jeep turns on-it then accelerates out of the warehouse parking lott. The raccoon stands on the driver’s seat and with all of his strength turns the wheel, but he’s quite coordinated with it. The jeep flies down the road-Matt is nearly pushed back in his seat. The road is a bumpy highway, it does not have many curves, it’s mostly straight-other cars zooming by, the aliens driving them give annoyed by Rocket’s speedy driving.

To the side of the road, are rows of large trees-or tree like plants being that they may not even be called trees on this planet. Behind the ‘trees’ are large buildings, restaurants and clothing stores-the usual things you’d find on earth.
This strip of road was a good pick-or so the two thought. Matt turns pale. “JEEZ! Slow down!” Rocket slams his fist into the dashboard, sighs a bit and glances at the human. “KID! They’re people trying to kill us, how can I slow down when I’m in a hurry?!” Matt’s tone goes up a bit.”Damn, Rocket! They’re no guys chasing us now! What the hell?!”
The raccoon clearly had lost his patience with Matt; he stares into his face and yells.
“Don’t fucking use profanity with me!”

Just as the raccoon was done shouting at Matt, another vehicle smashed into the jeep.
A white van-looking vehicle, clearly driven by the same unknown people in all black.
The jeep nearly spirals out of control, the raccoon uses all of his might to turn the jeep to the opposite side of the van, which is only a few inches to the right of the jeep-speeding and trying continuously to ram into them. Rocket pushes another one of the many colored buttons on the dashboard, the jeep goes even faster than before, in an attempt to look for a weapon, Matt desperately feels for a glove compartment.
If he were not under so much pressure-he’d be able to find it using his heightened senses, but he’s slightly panicking and it doesn’t help that the poor human can barely see, PLUS he’s never been in this jeep. He feels a latch at his hip line under the dashboard, and forces open the glove compartment-he digs his hand in there, feeling a few maps-then he grabs the end of a revolver. “Rocket-found a gun!” The raccoon nods, and takes it, with one paw gripping the gun, hanging out the shattered driver’s side window, and the other barely controlling the wheel; he fires a few rounds into the van.
Matt covers his ears, the gun shots are just unbearable to listen too.

The van swiftly goes up behind the jeep-Matt does not make any sounds as the raccoon holsters his new revolver and concentrates on driving. Suddenly, a loud POP is heard.
Rocket attempts to turn the wheel left and right, but the jeep skids right into a near by tree. The van driver had shot out one of the two back tires. Rocket and Matt had blacked out, the front of the jeep, totaled. Smoke was now raising from the hood of the vehicle…the driver of the van hopped out; some cars had stopped to see the damage, but quickly drove off once they saw the intimidating looking van, everyone knew the ‘men in black’ meant something sinister, and if they were after this raccoon and human-they would be met with some unknown fate as far as pedestrians were concerned.
The driver tossed zippered bags over there faces-all hope for now was lost.


The raccoon and human lied upon a smooth, but hard and cold surface.
Matt had a splitting headache, Rocket had a few new bruises on him-well both of them did actually. The human’s heart started beating a mile a minute when he realized his hands were cuffed. They both were wearing hospital gowns, Rocket’s eyes slowly opened-he realized they were both in a small room, with two crappy, stained beds shoved to one corner, one barred window high up near the ceiling-and seemingly no way out.
The door in front of them, barred, metal and huge, the raccoon stands up as Matt attempts to yank the cuffs off by pulling, but found it did nothing.

Faint voices could be heard outside, indicating that others were indeed here, the human looks over to the critter with helpless and sad eyes. “Rocket-a-are we going to die here?”
The raccoon looks all around the area, looking for any faulty design or any crevasse-but then he remembered the human. He wasn’t alone as he had been on some of his recent adventures; he needed to get Matt out as well, which would make things more difficult, the raccoon’s tone was not one of despair-but one of plainness. “I need a plan before I can know what’s up. Sit tight.” Rocket walks about the area some more, he then makes a nice leap onto one of the beds and up to the barred window; he now scales the bars, on all fours, looking more like a rodent now. He tugs and tugs on the bars; he turns his head to one side-noticing an air vent near the ceiling. With a lot of effort, he reaches one hand up and yanks the cover off and tosses it below onto the bed, his fingers gripped to the tiny open slits, the human watches-saying nothing. Rocket cocks his head to Matt, quite impressed the raccoon was so limber. “I’m going in!” Matthew sighs nervously as he watches his new friend climb into the vent, his coon tail disappearing was the last thing he would see for a bit.

Rocket crawls on his stomach, on both sides is a cold and smooth metal, he grunts a bit-frustrated that he can just barely fit through.
At the end of this narrow vent, is another cover-identical to the one he tore off before. He hears two individuals speaking in some foreign language-not of earth. Peering through the slits of the cover, the raccoon is able to get a good look as to what kind of area he’s be entering next. Rocket had heard the language before, since our hero had been around so many planets and galaxies, he could understand the language.
As he moves closer to the noise, he is able to get a good look at the two extraterrestrials. They’re dressed in black like all the other attackers had been.
The two guards both green, skinny, have large heads and butterfly winged-shaped eyes. Their hands are long, so are their fingers.
Each of them holds a large semi-automatic weapon, silver and black colored-they’re so large that in order to hold them, it required two hands.
The weapons were like bulky M16s, there backs faced the low air duct, which made Rocket’s job of getting the weapons and saving Matthew yet again-easier.

One of guards leaves to do something, the area Rocket would be in once he got rid of this alien, would be a warehouse area-perhaps he could find his old clothes and rush back to Matt. The warehouse is all wood, the floors and ceiling, crates are piled everywhere. Not as nice warehouse like the one Rocket hid out in-but anyway, the raccoon uses all of his might to push open the cover and attack the guard from behind.
Right as the alien faces his attacker; Rocket already has his pawed hands strangling the life out of the guy. He lets out a scream, Rocket forces the gun out of the guard’s large and stringy fingers and fires a single bullet into his face-sending black blood flying in every direction-the other identical looking green creature comes out from the left and begins firing at the raccoon, with a loud series of pops, like a hundred balloons popping-Rocket had fired a round into the second guard’s gut-keeping him alive.
The raccoon runs up to him and puts guns into his face, his eyes widen, his breathing heavy. “ALRIGHT! Don’t tell me you don’t know Matt-that human you’ve been chasing like some wild goose! GIVE ME INFO!” The alien stutters as he talks, looking up at the toned, furry creature. “I-I do! It’s nothing personal….w-we chase humans! It’s our job!” Rocket’s eyes narrow. “Tell me…for what REASON do you have doing this? I’m losing patience…ya green freak!” “O-okay! We kidnap humans…we need them! We harvest organs! ORGANS OF HUMANS!” The raccoon lowers the gun and watches the alien as he bleeds out. “Look guy, I do things for money-but this is a bit too disturbing, even for a weirdo like me! I’m shutting you guys down! Where are these organs kept?!” “Right here! In the warehouse! In crates…e-everything we stole from you is in the crate t-to the far left…please don’t kill me!” The alien dies slowly from his gun shot wounds; the raccoon then goes to the far left crate, grabs his sleeveless orange jumpsuit, laces up his black military boots and cocks the gun he now has. A flashlight is attached to the top of the large weapon the raccoon holds, Rocket flicks the light on-illuminating the warehouse quite well now.

With some effort, the furry creature begins to open up all the crates in the area-revealing indeed, human body parts. Rocket lets out a disgusted sigh. “This is more screwed up than a special ed Science Fair project…” As the creature is opening each crate, he comes across a working communicator-which would indeed come in handy, he grabs two of them. If he and Matt get split up, they could at least speak to each other. Inside the same crate, he also finds a cell phone-well, a futuristic version of a cell phone anyway. However-Rocket’s time is cut short, as alarms begin to sound-of course, those two guards weren’t the only two in the entire building!


Matthew yelps a bit at alarms begin to flash, a low and loud drill sounds in sequence with the strobe-like blue lights flashing around the entire human holding prison. Other humans in other cells look around frantically; the human seems to be helpless to find Rocket. He then remembers a trick he learned, echo location.
He begins clapping his hands loudly, even though Matt can not see well-sound will determine how close or far someone is to him. Panic had hit the human, but being with Rocket had sort of taught him that doing nothing but being scared had done nothing-the raccoon showed no real fear as of right now, now the human would try to somewhat emulate it. He continues clapping, almost praying to hear Rocket yell at him to make a run for it. Currently, Rocket is firing into a hallway; this prison where humans are kept is huge. The halls Rocket goes down are much like hospital halls, prison cells align the area left and right. Alarms still sound, guards come out of all directions, but the raccoon is able to spread bullets in all directions-the aliens fall quickly and painfully, and I must admit that Rocket has a huge grin on his face gunning these evil aliens down, Matthew could now hear the loud, rapid fire of the weapon Rocket held, smoke began to fill the area, and as the raccoon was gunning down guards, he also was able to shoot the locks out of the cages and watch the innocent humans escape this hell.
Some were in pain, some were fully healthy, but all were able to move about and seemed thrilled to leave. Rocket fired more and more, almost all the guards in the area were now collapsed. Left and right, bullets flying, some had indeed grazed the creature-but he was still enjoying himself. As the last few of the guards died-he then kicked the cage door open and from the gun smoke, emerged as a silhouette, the raccoon Matt had longed to hear from, heroically posed like some main character on a movie poster.
He faced the gun away from Matt and the human swiftly followed him out the door and down a hallway…

Rocket tossed the young man one of the communicators, he stays behind the raccoon, going further and further down the sterile hallways. Matt is a bit disoriented, but knows all he needs to do is stay by his new hero, Matt is able to grab a gun off of one of the dead guards-a mere laser pistol, but it would do. Rocket held his gun in a firing position, not knowing if any attackers were hiding, Matt winced as they crossed each unknown corner of the prison / hospital looking place. The two briskly run to a new hallway, a large door is at the end of this hallway-a wooden door. The raccoon and human rush in and catch there breath. Rocket looks up at the human and rubs his eyes quickly, lowering his gun. “WOW! That was…kinda awesome!” Matt looks around yet another new area. The two notice they’re in sort of a doctor’s office, a bed is up against the wall, and various medical tools align the walls as well. The two move away from the door, Rocket sits on the edge of the bed, Matt sits by him. “You hurt at all?” The raccoon shrugs and shakes his head. “We need to get out of here, these aliens are…are nasty, even by my standards. I gotta make a call to a good friend who can hopefully get us out of here in one piece.” The human looks down at the raccoon, his fur messy and looking quite tired. “Rocket-I-I would be nowhere without you. Thank you, for..for everything…I needed to say that in case we don’t get out of here alive. You’re a true hero a-and I’m proud to call you a friend.”
Rocket felt a ping of happiness as he heard those words, he retorted back.
“Hey, good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone.”
The human chuckles, it felt nice to finally be able to laugh a bit.

The raccoon begins looking about the room, suddenly they hear the door lock. Rocket rushes over to the door knob, but it does not budge.
“Flark! FLARK!” Matt stands up and begins feeling dizzy-he thought it was just another panic attack…but he was shocked as he saw Rocket tumble to the ground as well and the room fill with a grey and awful smelling mist…


Matt slowly wakes up; quite a large figure is above him.
He sort of looked like a walking octopus, tentacles flopped about and he stood glaring at the human. He realized he was strapped to the same bed and in the same room as before. The creature looks down at him and speaks in a gruff tone, but easily understandable. “Well Matt-looks like all those hours of hunting paid off. I’m Doctor Gurd, and I think before I begin cutting into you, I should explain some things. Your parents were black bagged-for the same reason all of our humans were…organ keeping. WHY? Well, we extraterrestrials find you guys fascinating-just like you find us amazing, we want to learn more about you. Further more, with all the humans we’ve kidnapped, we’ve found quite good uses for your parts-food, clothing accessories, your pumping hearts kept in rhythm by electric machines, keeping our guns and machinery alive and well. Matt, all I want to do really-is see your eyes…but I’ll have to remove them. Your lack of vision is an anomaly to me-and really, you’ll just be blinder than you are now…I need to get together some stuff before I can begin work on you!” Doctor Gurd had his back to the human, Matt had tears streaming down his face-the octopus grabs his cell phone and calls for more guards.
“I tossed the raccoon into the woods, our holding cells just could not keep him down. The area is an hour from here. Kill him…Matt must be mine, and this guy has done NOTHING but help him! KILL ROCKET!” The doctor fails to notice Matt’s communicator on the floor..Matt desperately looked at it, hoping that Rocket not make the mistake to call him on it. Our furry hero groans as he slowly realizes he is outside. All future communicators come with a GPS type of device, and if Rocket wanted to find Matt, he’d need to get to the prison quickly, Rocket then quickly grabs the cell phone he had found out of his back pocket and calls in help. Rocket was smart enough not to call Matt on the device-being that he was most likely taken. “Hey-Rocket here, I’m going to send you someone’s whereabouts-you go to the place and rescue him-keep him safe until I get there!”
His friend didn’t even have time to respond, Rocket had sent the area where the prison was and a picture of the teen human.
Matt would be safe if his friend got there in time.

Now, Rocket needed a way to get to the prison himself-walking was out of the question, the prison would take about an hour to walk too-Matt could be dead by them if his friend took too long to show, the raccoon realized he was in the middle of a wooded area-the woods were never his thing. His M16-ish weapon wasn’t there, however-Rocket was smart enough to hide a weapon in the heel of his boot-a revolver.
He cocks it and holsters it onto to the side of his belt; he walks about the woods, with no plan forming in his head yet. These aliens truly wanted Matt for themselves, and Rocket would admit-he didn’t know looking after him would be such a hard task.
As the raccoon made his way through this new area, he noticed the ground he walked on a nice path-made by tires. Trees were on either side of him, the sky blue, and the weather breezy and warm, the sun beating down onto his fuzzy body. This was the area most similar to earth on the planet of Halfworld.

He quickly followed the tracks and at the middle of the path, found an eighteen year old human, adjusting a four wheeled, dark green ATV-Rocket’s eyes lit up once he saw this awesome vehicle. The human knelt beside it with a box of tools, behind him more path and more woods. Rocket approaches him and coughs a bit.
The young man turns, taking off his red, circular sunglasses and smirking, the human wasn’t really in good shape; in fact he was quite overweight. “Hey raccoon, holding a gun…and wearing a strange orange suit-I’m kinda busy with my gift…leave.”
Of course, the human really didn’t expect the raccoon to answer-but once he did, the human became dead silent. “Well, I need your ATV. So…step aside and you won’t see me again, nice and easy.” The kid stands up, the kid smirks, his tone very much one of a ‘smart ass’. “You’re just a raccoon-a vermin with a gun, I don’t know HOW you’re talking-but in short, no…you aren’t getting my ATV. Got it last week for my birthday, so screw off.” Rocket was usually met with fear, but this kid really had it coming.
Rocket shouts in anger and quickly jumps onto the human’s face, jamming his thumb into his left eye socket-the kid screams in pain and topples to the ground, his eye slightly bleeding and stinging immensely.
The raccoon leaps off of the kid’s chest. “VERMIN?! know kid, I would help you up…” Rocket then snatches the kid’s sunglasses and throws them on his own face, he then kneels down-his muzzle mere inches from the screaming human.
“But my doctor advised me against heavy lifting!” The raccoon then spits in the kid’s hair and heads for his prize. The key to the ATV was in the ignition, the raccoon hops on, and the sound the ATV makes as it starts is loud and glorious to Rocket’s ears.
He drives around in a mini circle at first, getting used to feeling how it goes, and then drives in the opposite direction of the kid, Rocket lets out a soft chuckle.

The raccoon speeds up, the vehicle drives smoothly, he was very steady, but quick with his movements-plus he was having a blast driving this thing.
The feeling of the wind in his fur, the loud roar of the engine, the massive amount of dirt being picked up by the large wheels.
He then quickly slows down as he hears the sound of motorcycles approaching-the drivers?
Aliens dressed all in black of course-the raccoon sighed and knew fun was over. These particular bikes were slim, and had guns hoisted on the handle bars.

He sped down the path, two cyclists met him, one on the right, one on the left-with his left hand, he held the handlebars to the ATV, with his right-quickly took his gun out and fires two shots into each of the aliens-they fall over and there bikes each break as they hit a tree.
The coon speeds up, he grins as he hears more aliens on bikes chasing him, and he fires bullets into all of them, dirt kicked up, bikes roared in his ears, bullets flew past him-THESE were the moments Rocket Raccoon lived for!
He watches as the bikes explode as they hit trees and the green creatures fall to a deadly demise.
The raccoon yelps as an alien clings to the back of the ATV-he makes a sharp and unexpected turn, the creature screams, he goes flying off and smack into a tree with a loud snap.
The raccoon is still on smooth driving dirt road, suddenly, more cyclists came around the back of Rocket and threw grenades forward, and large explosions filled the woods, Rocket’s concentration was at an all time high. Left and right the ATV jerked, avoiding a fiery death. Branches began falling, so he had to dodge those as well.
Rocket fired more shots into the henchmen. Bullets hit there flesh, Rocket squinted as he tried to determine where the grenades would be next.

Suddenly, he finds himself having to drive over a wooden bridge, a rickety bridge to be exact.
No more trees surrounded the area, now it was just Rocket, his new ATV and this bridge, he realized he was quite high up-he didn’t look down; he knew the fall was going to be disastrous.
In the distance, he saw the very prison where Matt was being held. The drive on the bridge was very iffy, he almost fell off the sides a few times, but kept things in control, having to lean left and right a few times to keep himself steady.

Once he crossed the bridge, he continued to drive right for the building-he then stops at a giant hole in a wall, he takes off his sunglasses and puts them in his pocket and turns off the ATV and heads into the building using this new hole.


The raccoon was covered in dirt; he sneezed a few times as he stepped over glass and dry wall.
The entire area was in horrible condition, lights flickered, and his boots stepped on broken metal and some dead bodies.
The building now completely empty, apart from Matt and Rocket’s pal hopefully. The raccoon finds him and his pal, well Matt was sitting in his lap.
Chatting away to the giant alien from a distant planet-well, he didn’t look like an alien.
He looked like a giant tree with no leaves, two barky massive legs, his arms like branches with fingers on them-even as he sat, he was massive-Groot stood at about at least as tall as a two story house.
Matt seemed quite content with him, and what was even funnier-was that the human didn’t mind that the only words to ever pour out of this being’s mouth in his deep and monotone voice was “I Am Groot”, Rocket let Matt speak for a bit. The raccoon folded his arms contently and spoke.
Matt loved Groot the moment he saw him.
The human loved talking and Groot didn’t constantly interrupt with smart ass remarks like Rocket did-Groot was truly kind and kinda cute. Groot had listened as the human told him what it was like having the issues he had, what Rocket was like towards him and of his parents.
“Am I chopped liver?”
Matt turns excitedly and slides off of Groot’s leg like a slide, and without thinking knelt down and wrapped his arms around Rocket, he could cry he was so happy.
“God, I thought you were…well, truth be told, I knew you weren’t dead…but lost! Groot and I were gonna look for you!”

Suddenly, from out of the darkness, the very cool looking horse dressed in metal military garb, steps out and smiles and walks up to the three.
“Well, I would have looked first! Can’t have Matt in any more crap!”
Surprisingly, the raccoon returned the hug and felt relief-his mission was officially complete.
The horse then looks at Rocket and gestures him over to a corner, and honestly-Matt didn’t care, Rocket would be back.
He wanted to talk to Groot more, the young man found him so fascinating.
Clop looks down at the furry guy and speaks.
“Thank you Rocket, so very much. You work wonders!”
He hands the coon the promised other half of the money.
“I also lifted the bounty off of your head in a few areas-not all though, so still be on the look out.” The raccoon places the money in his pocket.
“Yeah well, ya know-it’s what I do. No thing like me, except me!”
The horse had missed Rocket’s sassy personality.
“Rocket, Matt’s parents were found. They were indeed trapped in this building; they’re both healthy surprisingly-and at a local hospital.”
Rocket nods contently.
“I just want this kid to keep in touch; I’ll admit-he’s a cool dude.”
“Of course Rocket, you and Groot can see him anytime. I need to take Matt to the hospital to be reunited with his family-but maybe we can go out for drinks or something? Take Chris’ parents and have a night out-I’m sure they’d like to hear the whole story of what happened, my ship is parked in the front of the building.”
Rocket goes up to Groot and sits on his lap as well, right next to the human. Matt puts his arm around his hero, all teary eyed.
“I’d be dead without you, Rocket…you’re like a brother to me. Don’t ever…l-let anyone tell you you’re not worth it, or you were just thrown together i-in some lab, you have a heart.”
Rocket pats the kid on the shoulder in a brotherly way.
“Hey, you’ll see Groot, me and Mr. Ed later-we’ll go out for drinks with you and your parents…sound fun?”
Matt nods-the three head to Mr. Clop’s very large ship.

That night, Matt, Mr. Clop, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Elsa and Roger (Matt’s parents) all went out to a large bar, talking about all the adventures that had gone on. Everyone got a kick out of Rocket’s brutal honesty and comedic timing-the last thing all of them did was take a group picture.
Of course, Matt would see Rocket and all of them again-but the picture would be an awesome conversation starter, forever preserving the memories of being saved by a gun totting, sassy and kick ass raccoon named Rocket…


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