Leonard: (Furry Test Footage)

Well folks, after a long while, I can finally say that one of my fictional characters has officially come to life. Leonard Keaton is my fursona-and really, Leonard started off as a character I role played on Facebook-but after I went to my first furry convention, I sort of realized that Leonard could potentially be a real thing-and not just a drawing or story character. After a long while of thinking, Leonard seemed like the most unique choice for my fursona-he’s not like me at all. He’s stern, tough, muscular-I’ll admit, a I do look up to him in a few ways, but he’s someone you don’t want getting mad. Coupled with the fact that he’s an FBI agent (I have such great respect and general interest for the profession-the fact that people go out and hunt down psychopaths is scary, but fascinating.) Plus, Leo has an adopted human son-which is perhaps his most unique feature, all other furries seem to think so anyway.

I hope I can put Leonard in a few future short films and if you happen to go to a furry con and see him-stop by and get a pic! LOL!

Lastly, I have to thank Two-Faced Creations, without her help…Leonard would have never come to life after all! 🙂


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