Video Game Review: Ratchet and Clank


I am not a gamer-I know, great way to start a video game review!
However, once and a while-when I get home from my job, I like to just work my brain a bit more and see if I can play and complete video games.
Now, I used to play games with complex stories, lots of puzzles and such. Games like Skyrim, Tomb Raider and most recently-Alien: Isolation. All REALLY great games by the way-truly awesome.
Truthfully though, I find a lot of these games a little TOO complex-I don’t really like complex puzzles and deep and involved stories when it comes to video games-so I usually play games like “Super Mario Bros”, “Tetris” or “Breakout”…something challenging, but not to thought provoking. I thought games of this type had disappeared, but I was wrong!
When I started watching clips from “Ratchet and Clank” it looked to be the exact type of game I was looking for, jumping, swimming, shooting, some small puzzles here and there-but nothing impossible. Reviews for the game were very positive (not that I care, I play games I think I’ll like-I never go by reviews.)

So! What is this game? The plot is about a furry little alien, a lombax named Ratchet. He kinda looks like an anthropomorphic cat in my opinion.
He lives alone on some empty planet-he is sort of a grease monkey.
Anyway, he finds a robot-a small, sort of prudish fellow who is soon named Clank. Together, they go to planets, kill bad guys-and try to go after the main villain, who is heck bent on destroying planets for personal gain. The game consists of running, shooting, plat forming, explosions, humor and even some racing stages.
This whole game was a blast, I loved Ratchet and Clank’s banter, I love the controls, I love how simple, yet challenging some of the levels were, especially some of the sections where you control Clank-some of those puzzles were great brain teasers, and I truthfully loved unlocking the solution on my own, without looking at walkthroughs (however, I did look at them for some of the last levels.)
In my opinion, it’s very old fashioned-reminds me of a game like “Contra” where only if you have quick reflexes and good shooting skills, will you pass a level without dying over and over. Contra is a LOT harder though.
Anyway, I love getting all hyper and planning my every move as the enemies got harder and the levels’ designers more complicated-I just got such a fun and light feeling while playing this comedic action game, I liked the characters and the music-I also liked the voice acting a lot-especially Clank…his voice actor, David Kaye is perfect!
So, as you can guess-I am now in this fandom (along with furries, bronies and movie buffs…wow…I keep expanding!)
So yeah-I am so pumped to play the other two; I also bought the first R&C game for PS3 recently-Tools of Destruction. I’m glad that I’m expanding my interests and how I’ve become a casual gamer-it’s a fun and imaginative pass time…but nothing beats writing and film making for me. 😉
I give this game a solid 5 out of 5…too much fun and awesome action. 


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