Who is Jerry Hex?

Jerry is my new main fursona, he is a brown husky.

His personality is soft spoken, lover of nature, a good leader, a teacher and a singer.
He is a special ed teacher (however in these pics, he is dressed for Halloween as a DJ XD)

He’s been in my head for a long time now-even before Leonard, and to be honest-I relate to him a lot more than Leo.
Don’t get me wrong, I still will do things with Leonard and I’ll still write stories for him, he will not be tossed aside-but Jerry for me is just a character that really speaks to me and like Leonard, also has a protective personality and loves all of his students (and most of the staff so long as they’re nice.)

Where did Jerry come from?

First and for most-Role play on Facebook (i.e. writing stories about different characters for others to read and to ‘join in’.)
He was probably one of the first (if not the first) furry character I came up with-and that’s why he’s a special ed teacher and has his bubbly personality At the time, I was in High School, so it was still a big time in my life.

He also is inspired by a few real life teachers I had, the good ones, the ones that actually help and try to adapt to your needs and learning style. Jerry in someways, represents the now gone era of High School for me and the cool things I learned as far as socializing goes, he’s the one who goes above and beyond the call of duty and really cares about students as people and not as ‘things to be bossed around.’

See more pics of him here!


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