Video Game Review: Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

I had completed the original trilogy, which I thoroughly enjoyed (review is here) and was hyped to see what PlayStation 3 graphics had to offer the series. This did not disappoint-and I will rave about the graphics. Everything looked like a Pixar film, Ratchet looked amazingly cute and bad ass at the same time. LOVED his fluffy ears the most actually! Clank looked metallic and adorable as well, his bright green eyes are my favorite when it comes to him graphics wise.

The plot is actually quite interesting, Ratchet tries to discover where he truly came from and where his race, the Lombax went to. I won’t get into detail here-but he does meet up with a really strange and hilarious villain-Emperor Percival Tachyon, every time he laughed or spoke-I smiled. He was just so funny, and so far my favorite villain in the entire series. I was imagining his voice actor jumping around and yelling at the top of his lungs-I just pictured him super hyper and it made Tachyon even more awesome. So, if anything-watch some clips of him on You Tube, it’s worth it!

Now, something that sort of through me off were the pirate characters and locations. While I thought at first it was out of place, I grew to enjoy it. I especially loved how all the pirates were robots-making there singing of pirate jigs silly and amusing. The levels included things like pirate ships, gold and…dancing. Yeah, I was a big fan of the dancing sequences.

Ratchet had two side kicks with him a some points during the plot, Cronk and Zephyr. Awesome dialogue banter from the two of them, really thought they’d be annoying-but I grew to love them as much as Ratchet and Clank honestly. Again, I’m sure clips of them on are you tube if you want to see them.

Now-on a negative side, this game introduced new game play mechanics, ‘ tilt functionality’ which means instead of using the analog sticks to turn, you turn the entire controller-this function is something I hated-and THANK GOODNESS you could turn it off and use the analog sticks! If you could not-this game would have not been as much fun for me-I truly hate the function, I mean-if you like it, that’s fine…but I don’t know, I think it’s stupid.

I also hated the puzzles, having to connect circuit boards and figure out how to program each little thing to make everything work-was more frustrating than fun for me. As you may guess, I hate puzzles in video games-but I understand they wanted variety, but I wish these sequences were taken out entirely-but maybe that’s not fair. Maybe fans of the series LIKE the mini-puzzles, but I think in a game like this…it just stalls the action, I wanted to get to the next action set piece-but I had to hack the circuit board first. I also am not a fan of the fighting arena levels-I don’t know…to me I’d rather be in an open world shooting bad guys and gaining bolts and points that way-rather than being stuck in an indoor arena.

I REALLY hope the PS4 Ratchet and Clank does not have difficult puzzles or many arena fights, I mean-it won’t RUIN it for sure, but we’ll see what happens, I’ve played a demo and it is…perfect, but more on the PS4 version when it actually comes out!

What’s strange though is that I LOVE the Clank sections. Since Clank is a little robot, he get into spaces Ratchet can’t, so I loved how a lot of his sections were trying to sequence buttons to get doors open and fun little things like that-I know people aren’t fans of Clank’s sections, but I really like them. Clank is a hero too and deserves the spotlight sometimes!

So yeah, this was a VERY fun action game-and got REALLY intense with epic shootouts, rail shooting, spaceship fights (reminded me of Star Wars quite a bit, never a bad thing!) I loved the weapon upgrades, the length of the game was perfect, not brutally long-but not overly short. I like to spend at least a month or more beating a game (I know…most beat this game in like two days or a week! LOL!)

So, I would highly recommend getting this game-especially if you’ve never played Ratchet and Clank…it’s a great introduction! I wish more people did play these games, a lot of people at Game Stop I talk to have only heard of the games-so it would be nice to try to get a bigger fan base going! 🙂

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