STAR WARS: Admiral Ackbar Scenes


I do not know why, but Admiral Ackbar is truly my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. I think it’s because I have a fascination with alien creatures and I also love his voice (RIP Erik Bauersfeld.) Something about his way of speaking and his stern, but calm personality really made me want to learn more. So, I did just that-and it turns out Star Wars fans (and perhaps its creators) have compiled loads of stories for this Mon-Cala creature, and it’s all quite neat. Let me tell you-when I saw “The Force Awakens” in theaters, I got so giddy when I saw Gial on the big screen…like it was quite awesome and was the highlight of seeing the movie in theaters (twice.)


It is funny though that in the movies, he’s sort of a side character-but I remember when I saw the original trilogy, he stuck out to me and I became sort of obsessed with the character. I have two action figures of him (one from ROTJ and one from FA) I think it really comes down to his look and his authoritative and honest attitude-is it true that other Star Wars characters have these qualities? Sure! Luke does, and I don’t hate him or anything. However-something about a fish-like creature on board a ship and protecting not only his own race, but his human friends is something that I can connect to.

This is for all the Star Wars / Admiral Ackbar fans…this video is not a trap.


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