Of Anthros and Humans- FIRST OFFICIAL ART!


I found an amazing artist for book cover art, her name is Marlene Cooper (AKA linavox) I found her art to be incredible, and I’d never seen my characters done in this sort of fashion-so I thought I’d message her. She’s a super nice person-my plan is for her to do 3 more characters, then I will edit them together in Photoshop for the book cover.

As far as writing, I had family over so was not able to get a lot done-that being said, I am on the 6th chapter now and I suspect I will have a first draft done sooner than I thought. However, I am not rushing of course-this is meant to be a big story, so for me to just go quickly through it-would be wrong for the type of story it is. So yeah, tonight I’ll see if I can get some writing done, I also need to get prepared for Anthrocon coming up in a few weeks! 🙂


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