Department Q: “The Keeper of Lost Causes” (Movie Review)

I’m a sucker for detective thrillers (heck, my entire fursona-Leonard is a detective, simply because I admire the genre so much.) I don’t know what it is with me and hard boiled agents-but I find cases riveting-I love thinking and putting clues together. This movie is the first in a trilogy called “Department Q”. They’re from Sweden, so you do need to read subtitles-which is no trouble for me, but I know for others it can be tricky.

It’s about the vanishing of a young politician and the two detectives who try to crack this 20 year old case. What makes it so ‘not cliche’ is the way the plot unfolds, it becomes a few different type of movies. Detective / Crime, then it goes to family drama a tad bit, then it goes to horror / revenge..and that’s where the really disturbing stuff happens.

Not so much because it’s bloody-but the thoughts and feelings of not only the cops, but the antagonist-which I won’t ruin who he is and if he’s connected with the politician, but it’s worth watching  to see how everything unfolds. See, Sweden films shy away way less than our R-rated movies for the most part, which I think makes there thrillers all the more chilling. I also love the atmosphere of the movie, the dark lighting and the two main characters were also great.

They were maybe the only two things about the movie sort of ‘cliche’. One a stern cop with a no nonsense attitude and the other more laid back and more friendly-but I think there friendship builds more realistically than in most movies like this. Plus, the acting by the two was spot on, I really loved the line delivery and they also had little bits of humor.

There was a character with disabilities in the movie-and I was so worried they were going to mess it up. However, the writer did a nice job with making someone who has autism, and intrinsic part of the plot. I really liked what they did-was not over blown at all.

The conclusion of the mystery was satisfying and through some nice curve balls-as I say, it sort of became a horror movie…but I was 100% okay with that. It wasn’t too gruesome (however, in the middle of the movie there was a scene involving a tooth pulling and pliers Ugggh…thanks for not cutting away Mr. director! Glad I saw that!)

However, the scene did prove to be important to show how strong the main female character was-so I liked it as far as that goes. She wasn’t just some damsel, she was resourceful. Anyway, I do really look forward to the other two in the series-hope they make more so I can catch one in the theater!




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