The Secret Life of Pets (Movie Review)

Talking animals is my thing (well, okay…furries / anthro animals are really my thing) but second to that-I love talking animals who still retain there ‘look’ of walking on four legs-in fact I may write a short story like that soon. I was looking forward to this movie-the trailers looked super comedic and fun. That’s what this movie is-comedic and fun. If you have a dog / cat (I have an amazing black lab named Xena) this movie might be funnier for you.

This film hit all the beats, the energy, the ADHD, the longing for the owner to be there every second (“I miss her SO MUCH!”). I feel like I shouldn’t have liked a lot of it-it was a lot more ‘slapstick’ than I thought it would be-but there was something so entertaining here. The fact that they took so much from ‘real life pets’ and made them talk, made for some excellent comedic one-liners. I feel every joke worked. I laughed out loud at least once during every scene, so for comedy-I can’t ask for much more. Plus, Max is just adorable…they nailed his little ear twitches and scratching. Just brilliant stuff as far as really getting into how animals behave.

Did I like the plot? Eh. Nothing ground breaking, but nothing terrible. I liked the ‘underbelly’ of the pet world and I liked how we got to see so many different types of not only dogs-but birds, cats, reptiles and a rabbit. Other than a few unique sets and a few silly character models, the plot didn’t do much for me. It was fine-it served the movie. I wasn’t emotionally attached to really anyone-I mean, I had characters I liked more than others. Snowball was a BIT loud for my taste-I like Max or Gidget if we’re talking ‘if I could talk and have lunch with any of these characters.’

Overall, this was not a life changing movie, I won’t be thinking about it for hours after, this was a cute, fun and ‘true animal’ movie. That’s why I enjoyed this-this was a very good animal centered movie! Will watch it again when it’s on TV. 🙂


PS- I HATED the minions short. I find them super annoying and that 5 min. short seemed to go on and on….I just found it super irritating. It’s fine if you like them-I get some people love them and are obsessed with them, I have no issue with people loving things I don’t, but I can’t stand them.


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