The R-Word: My Thoughts

{This post contains profanity}

When you say the R-word you demean and disrespect everyone who has a physical or mental disability-I’d like to think most of us are not okay with that. I don’t care if you’re joking or not, it is a disgraceful and disgusting thing to say in any context (excluding educational purposes such as a film or book) because you’re saying “disabilities don’t matter and I think people with disabilities are stupid.” Sure, you might say “Oh! Well, I don’t mean it like that!” but that’s the ONLY thing it means. I know I may sound harsh, but sometimes the truth IS harsh.

If someone says it for the first time in front of me, I use it as a lesson, I politely ask them ‘do you know what that word REALLY means?” If the person truly doesn’t know-then I walk them through what that phrase really means, and more often than not-they apologize and tell me they’ll try not to use it. That’s all I ask. I don’t want to be nasty and mean, I just want to spread awareness, I’ve taught people not to say the word and it’s really worked out well.

Oh, and if you say it ‘infringes on freedom of speech’-then let me give you some advice. They’re PLENTY of other words you can say: ridiculous, idiotic, unbelievable, not smart, absent minded, birdbrained, dull, irrational, misguided, witless, absurd, brainless, boring, illogical, zany…I could go on.

If you still don’t think those words or others like it convey the message or have enough ‘power’ throw the word fuck into it (or some other swear) somewhere in the sentence. (i.e. “That movie was fucking witless!”) See? It still has power, but you’re not insulting a group of people and that word CERTAINLY packs a punch when you use the right tone and mannerisms.

I don’t swear normally unless it’s in a script or I’m reading a book or telling a joke. To me, most profanity is okay-it’s the words that target a group of people / races / sexes that we really need to stop.

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