‪40 min of the elliptical with Cerebral palsy on one side daily is crazy, something I never thought I could do. Hope I leave you with inspiration, I hope to make people realize it’s never to late to try new and healthy lifestyle choices. I know people feel down and out (heck, anxiety gets a hold of me and that’s exactly what happens) 
I decided one night to use my living room equipment and try to change my body. It’s only been a week, and granted I did skip one day to let my body heal, I typically hate work out posts on Social media, but I’m hopefully using it to tell my followers that you should pursue to be the person you want to be, I wanted a healthier body and was sick of using my ‘mild cerebral palsy’ as an excuse for too long. I was embarrassed to tell my doc ‘no, I don’t work out.’ 

The question is, will I keep it up? Well, besides maybe skipping a day (or more if I’m on on a trip and have no access to a gym or a walking path) I do truly hope to get some form of work out everyday, whether it be a jog or my personal fav, the elliptical. 

I hope people apply that logic to whatever their dreams are (art, teaching, film, writing etc) Do a little bit everyday-that is my best advice! Try not to slip up and skip weeks without trying to reach your goal. Love you all! 


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