About / Contact Aaron


Owner and founder of the production company Equus21, Aaron is a writer / filmmaker from Massachusetts. His works typically involve (but are not limited to) anthropomorphic animals, elements of horror, thriller and crime and characters who have special needs. Inspired by such writers as Richard Adams, Michael Morpurgo and Stieg Larsson his animal stories are certainly not those of the ‘Disney variety’.

His first series was “Leonard”, chronicling the adventures of a black Labrador and a detective who solves gruesome murders and has an adopted human son who has autism, Leo became a major character for Aaron and the one perhaps he is known for the most, but has many other characters including a buff deer who kills hunters and many standalone plots he hopes to reveal to the world.

Aaron was born in July, however was supposed to be born in October. He was in special education all the way up until high school. He is a proud member of the furry fandom, an advocate for the disability community, humanist / secular beliefs, feminism, animal rights and socialism. He also is ‘sometimes a gamer’ and took singing lessons for four years. His favorite animals are horses and wolves.


Email: equus21mail@gmail.com

You can also contact him through any social media: facebook, you tube and twitter are the primary ones.


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