About/Contact Aaron


I’m Aaron (Owner of Equus21), I’ve always been fascinated with writing and film making and really, anything where you can let your imagination run wild-so I’m no math person! I was supposed to be born in October, but instead was born in July and had medical complications, including airway issues and developmental disabilities.

My written works usually involve talking / anthropomorphic animals-a concept I’ve always found interesting-ever since Middle School actually, hence why my two main characters are a dog named Leonard Keaton (a detective) and an excitable and fun loving Bottlenose dolphin named Daiquiri. I have a bunch of other characters stored in my head as well, but I try to save them for my writing and films.

As far as movie making, I typically enjoy psychological thrillers, horror and science fiction, so I do try to mirror that type of movie to the best of my ability. Film making is really my favorite hobby, even though it takes up a lot of time and energy.

When I’m not writing or making films, I love to sing (Singing Videos on my SECOND CHANNEL) and have taken vocal lessons for four years, I love to cosplay, I’m a movie buff and am fascinated by animals.

I do try to read a lot, my favorite book is “A Dog’s Purpose.” I am an advocate for animal rights, disability advocacy, I am a proud member of the furry fandom and love to hear from my viewers and ‘fans’, if I can use that term!


Email: equus21mail@gmail.com

You can also contact me through any of my social media: facebook, you tube and twitter are my primary ones.


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