Of Anthros and Humans



  1. Winds of Change 
  2. The Overseers
  3. A Future At Stake

PLOT: In this epic fantasy, a teenage human finds himself in the strange but eye opening world of anthropomorphic animals, in a city called Animlia. After finding a best friend in an empathetic dragon named Vince and his sidekick, the courageous warrior mare, Ira-danger still lurks around every corner.

A Komodo dragon, King Crixus, rules the city with an iron fist and wishes to banish all humans from the land, and does so by raiding other human infested towns nearby.

Vince, Ira and Jon-the human must seek shelter from the ever growing danger of the army of Crixus, how far will life’s journey take the trio to insure peace and justice is brought to Animalia?


NOTE: Being that his is a WIP, small changes to previous episodes may happen at anytime.