To the Slaughter- TRAILER


Not much more filming to do, so I thought I’d give you guys a taste! 🙂


“To the Slaughter”- Update!

I went to an awesome Halloween party and got some willing actors to play Colin’s victims (Slaughterhouse Workers) and they all did an awesome job! You may remember John from my short film “Trespassers“, as well as Liam and Gillian.

My newcomer is a man named Ricky Cannes (the guy in the kickass make-up in the background.) It was so cool how quickly he jumped at the oppertunity to be killed by a cow. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to James and his wife for letting me film in there home. 🙂


To the Slaughter- Filming Begins!

Hi guys! After a long hiatus and going back and fourth on projects, I finally chose a movie I’ve had in my head for a long time. I’ll be posting screenshots and behind the scenes on my social media (Facebook and Twitter) However, I will try to keep blog updates frequent to. While it’s not as big as “Dolphin Quest”, it still will be a blast. 🙂



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