“Aiden and the Wolf” Production Stuff

For those of you who don’t know, I am in production of my newest short film “Aiden and the Wolf”. Unlike a lot of my movies where I film in a week or so, I’m really splitting this movie up. They’re a lot of outside scenes and more key elements to get than my usual stuff. It’s not a horror movie, it’s a fairytale / drama. So, the genre is completely new to me. Therefore, it’s a bit more dialouge driven, so hopefully that comes off well in the final version and not to boring for those of you who like my horror / thriller stuff.

The script is extremely personal to me, it deals with autism and what it’s like to have a PCA (Personal Care Attendent) which I’ve met many for people who need them. It just taps into a lot of my personal life which I usually don’t discuss, but I feel like sometimes things need to be said and shown, especilly something like disability advocacy, much like a Guillermo del Toro movie-it has elements of pure realism and fantasy which I hope blend together well.


“To the Slaughter”- Screening / Q&A: Anthro New England 2018


Going through the process of getting a movie screened was something I never thought would happen. When I submitted my movie, I did it just so I could say ‘I tried.’ When I got the email saying ‘your panel has been accepted’ I think my heart skipped a beat. I didn’t think a furry con would be interested in a short film showing-let alone a horror movie. I emailed back and forth with one of the con runners who was extremely helpful through all my questions, since I’d never really been to many panels-let alone host one!

I made flyers for the event-and I really was thinking ‘no one will show up, people might not be interested in a movie’. When I arrived Friday, I had forgotten to pre-registar! So I thought I wouldn’t even beable to get into the con that night, but luckily I was able to get in. So that whole thing was a bit stressful, plus with everything else on my mind.

I didn’t sleep a wink Friday, I was so excited and jittery, but honestly it was a good feeling overall. Some anxiety, but I think I became less nervous as the panel approached because I knew, hey whatever happens will happen. My movie is sceening in Boston, my name is in the Anthro New England con book. This is cool!

Saturday I passed out most of my flyers and I was so surprised to find out how many people wanted to see my movie. It was mind blowing. That night,  I got changed into my suit (no, not a fursuit) and I spent a long time running up and down stairs, getting the AV situated, the ANE staff were super helpful. I had even lost my name tag in among all the craziness and had to get a new one. My brain was spinning by the time we got the projector set up and I knew everything would work.

About 7:30, two people show up. In the back of my head, I thought ‘well, I know my two closer friends will show-but will this be it?’ About 7:50-maybe three people walked in. I was pretty happy. Right before I introduced the movie-about 8 more people showed. I pinched myself the whole time. I had about 25 people seeing my movie-in front of me, in Boston at a furry con. It felt like a dream and as the movie played-I felt hazy. In a great way. This is something I’ve fantaized about for so long, but never thought it would happen. I did have one walk out, but another gentleman took his spot-so I shrugged it off.

The Q&A was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I didn’t think anyone would be interested to hear how I made the movie, but as I stood there I realized no one was leaving. Again, it felt like a dream. I felt like some internet celebrity. At this point, I was so full of energy, I was able to talk about anything really.

I talked to a few people who wished to help me with furutre projects, so who knows? You may see some new faces in my work soon! After, mom and I each had a drink at the bar and I was kinda in shock. I wasn’t really able to process what happened, again this was something I never thought could happen to me. On the way home, I talked to my cousin Nick about the event-which was super fun as it was nice to just let my emotions pour out.

Anthro New England and the furry fandom made a dream come true-and this gives me another reason to defend the fandom and its partcipates, it’s an amazing group of people and without them-I feel like I’d be kinda a nobody for the most part. I think other furries can relate to that. This was a special night I’ll never forget.





theon_Michelle Rudolfsson

By: Aaron B.

Art by: Michelle Rudolfsson

PLOT: The journey to “The Hollow” is complete, and Jon, Vince and Ira can finally be at peace with a courageous wolf pack, but even that presents new problems. Also, Ira’s romantic interest in Vince hits an all time high.

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Movement of the carriage woke Jon from his light slumber. The past night he had gotten barely any sleep due to the rain that fell on the camp. His arm around his best friend. Looking up at Vince, he stretched. “Girls will be eyeing you from long distances, Jon”. A soft chuckle followed. “Ever had a significant other, Vince?”

The dragon looked out the window of the carriage, watching the trees pass by. “I did not have time for such things, sadly. My father was quite domineering.” Jon stiffened at this thought, no longer as relaxed as his was. He rubbed his eyes. “Strict?” Vince said nothing, Jon cleared his throat nervously, hoping he didn’t offend him. “Sorry. I won’t pry.” His British accent sounded so low and serious. Prompting Jon to listen up more. “My father, Argo was built like you. Muscular. Tall. He used his strength to abuse those he felt were beneath him.” No other noise hit Jon’s ears. Not the sounds of the outdoors, nor the turning of the carriage wheels. Only Vince’s narrator-like voice. “After burning towns and killing the poor, he would raid the bars. Drink, and then take out his hate towards me. That is why I don’t have wings. He cut them.” Jon sighed sadly, slightly flinching at the gruesome image.

“He wanted me to be like him. Burn everything. Hunt others for gold and enjoy bathing in the blood of victims. I wanted no part of it. He broke my spirit. When I was a teenager. I thought about ending it all. Dragons aren’t easily killed, but I perhaps thought of jumping off a large cliff. Or maybe get myself beheaded. Instead, I ran away. Found a boat and found myself in Animalia. That is where I met Ira.” The human hugged the dragon softly, feeling his sorrow in having to remember such events.

The fire was close to being nothing but ash. The driver of the carriage, wrapped in a large blanket and sleeping the night away. Jon leaned against a large tree nearby, his eyes closed and just about to fall into slumber. Vince and Ira sit side by side, the two watched the fire slowly die. Sounds of nighttime such as wolves and bats talking among each other in the far distance, made Ira’s sensitive ears flick. Vince rolled his sleeves up silently as Ira looked to him. “I didn’t know how ruthless your father was. I’m very sorry.” She looked up, trying to make eye contact with him. The dragon leaned on her shoulder softly. Whether this was a deliberate move or just a sign of tiredness, she wouldn’t know.


The crisp morning air hit Jon’s face as he adjusted himself in his sleeping bag. With a groan he stood, slicking his hair back with his hand and putting on his slacks and sleeveless shirt. The journey would not be much longer. Vince sat still the rest of the way, but Ira and Jon were a bit restless.

The trio were handed large coats before entering “The Hollow”. Even with them on, the cold was still able to seep through certain areas of the body. The path leading to the town had been shoveled, wolf soldiers stand, wearing long sleeved shirts and armor on two sides of a long path, Down the path is a series of wooded cabins, stores and breweries. Theon walked in a straight line. his black feathery coat wrapped around his entire body, light snow fell from the grey sky. The wind wasn’t an issue on this day. His boots crunched the snow and ice as he looked to Jon the most. He had never seen such a tall and buff human in his life. “Greetings. Welcome to our land.” Vince bowed his head slightly. “Pleasure to meet you, King Theon.”

After introductions, Barry leaps onto Jon with fangs out. Before, something like this would have rendered Jon helpless, but instead he throws quite a punch to the black wolf. After a few gasps, Barry rubbed his bleeding nose, eyeing the human. “Human scum!” He hisses with alcohol on his breath. Theon roughly grabbed the back of his neck, no one in the land was a match for Theon’s strength. “My apologies for this ass.” Theon spoke in-between trying to handle him. Jon glared at the wolf, Vince gently put a hand on his shoulder. “Jon, that’s enough.” Vince looked to Theon. “Jon is not one who likes to be touched unannounced. Luckily he can fend for himself should such an attack happen again.” Theon tossed Barry to one side with a sigh and nodded. “Well, he is a very well built young man. I am glad to have him here.”

Jon sits among wolves of all varied sizes and colors, the huge fire pit kept the place quite comfortable. The Inn full of chatter and harmless drunken canines. The new visitors are given bedrooms within the inn once they get tired, the three were certainly happy to finally have bedrooms and a warm building.

A paw taps Jon’s shoulder, one of a young wolf. “What’s your name?” He softly smiled, the wolf looked about seventeen in human years. Not too far off from Jon’s age. “Jon Baker.” “Keanu, I’m King Theon’s son. Nice to see a human around. We don’t get many like you, if ever.” Keanu had to tilt his head a bit to see Jon’s eyes. Jon finished his beer. Ashka a beautiful female wolf and Theon’s wife also approached. Ashka and Keanu began to talk to Jon, all of them smile as the conversation grows with fun and interest. While Jon was a bit hard to understand, it was no doubt he would become a dear friend to The Hollow.

In another corner, Vince rests his arm on a counter relaxing after a few days of travel, also answering questions of his life journey. Curiosity seemed to be the theme of the evening, Ira eyed the dragon as she always did a few feet from him. Watching his tail sway casually, looking at every movement he made. His calm tone and his freshly cleaned scales. A few wolves did talk to her as well, but she was too preoccupied with her crush to get into anything too deep.

Barry drunkenly approaches Vince and Theon. “I think the human should leave.” The king and Vince both frown, but the dragon keeps quiet not wanting to get into another scuffle. The king is not so willing to keep the peace. “Tomorrow I shall speak to you about your blatant, unapologetic, needless thoughts. Go to your home.” The black wolf growled a bit as he finished his drink of hard liquor. The fire crackles in the background, chatter continued, but it all faded from his ears as Barry became drunker. “You dare growl at your king?” Vince steps back. “Yes. And I dare speak against your wishes to keep a useless human here.” Shoving Theon, Barry narrowed his eyes. “I do not wish to fight you. However, Jon is now a member of our pack and I will fight to protect him.” Barry chuckles dryly. “He can’t even fight, he barely hurt me a few hours ago. Make him leave.”

Another, harder shoved caused Theon’s ears to pin back. He quickly removed his jacket and shirt, revealing a white coated and toned body. The king lunges at Barry’s throat. Loud growls were now emitting from their throats. The bar attendees gather around, all but Jon, Ashka and Keanu. All of them chanting “Theon! Theon! Theon!” Fists flew, Theon was hit, so was Barry. Blood began to cover the area they stood in. The white wolf had height and a sober mind on his side, Barry had a blind and insane force on his-which was perhaps more of a hindrance. Fur was pulled, Barry attempted to bite Theon’s neck. Theon swiftly grabbed his snout by his sharp claws and threw him into the crowd whimpering.

Landing smack into Vince, the dragon fearlessly shoved Barry back into the ring with an angry grunt. Ira chuckled as she watched Vince fight back. With a bloody nose, Theon again lunged, not slowing down. Sweat pouring from his fur, the blood on his body beginning to dry. Barry gave Theon a nip in the shoulder, which barely broke the skin. Within his rage he didn’t notice Theon had his clawed hand wrapped around the back of his neck, with brute strength Theon runs behind Barry and slams his face into a nearby table. The sound of the smack and his nose bursting caused the audience to shudder. Three times. Barry’s face hit the wooden surface. Barry’s face gushes blood from every which way as Theon throws the now knocked out wolf to the floor. The pack yells happily as Theon sighs and takes a sip of Barry’s liquor bottle, eyeing the crowd he spoke tiredly. “Let this be a lesson to ALL of you! Prejudice is not part of our pack. We shall fight against hatred until the end of time! Human, wolf, dragon or horse, EVERYONE can join our pack and live a safe and happy life among us!”

Cheering louder, the pack clapped. Noticing the blood on his fur and one of his wounds leaving a nasty scar, he left the inn, Theon was met with high fives and smiles, he merely smirked as tiredness had hit him like a ton of bricks.

As the candle burned by Vince’s desk, he continued writing in a journal. A way to relax after nights of excitement, he also thought the tale of Jon should be told to all anthros for generations. The room silent, the sound of snow hit the glass window by his bed. A chill always seemed to be in the air, but a black robe wrapped around his body alleviated that feeling. His handwriting that of perfect cursive, he smiled as he wrote of the good memories with Jon. Training with Ira and the evolution of how the human went from frailness to that of a gentle giant and warrior. Ira walked into his bedroom, his concentration completely broken, but he was not upset by it one bit. The mare smiled as she closed his door, starting from his feet to his face she looked at him. The fact that nothing was under his robe made Ira a tad bit happy, but she held it in as usual. “Vince. I am surprised to see you up at this hour.” The dragon put his quill pen aside as he briefly read what he had written down. “Nice job shoving Barry. Very heroic.” She approached closer, getting behind him. Vince shrugged. “Heroic is not the word I would use but thank you.”

Her hands slowly wrapped around his shoulders, unsure if she should be doing this. Would he flinch? Would he ask her to politely stop? As she massaged him, perhaps surprisingly he didn’t say a word. No negative facial expression either. “You tense?” With a blush, Vince smiled. “Not so much.” She continued. “But I do not mind this.” His British accent ringing in her ears like beautiful music, her heart pounding endlessly. His muscles felt like velvet in her grasp. Vince leaned back in his chair. Going from a natural expression to a very relaxed and happy one.

Vince took deep breaths. Her mind clouded with happiness, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. He closed his eyes softly. Never had he felt so at ease with another anthro. His soul becoming one with her. “Vince, I can’t tell you how long I’ve watched you. How long you’ve attracted me.” With a smile, he spoke as he opened his shining eyes. “Lucky for you, dragons are quite passionate.” Ira smiles a lump forms in her throat. “Can I see?” With a silent nod, he did not protest as Ira and his lips touched. He stands slowly and softly presses her against the door, his tail wrapping around her waist.

Both wrapped in each other’s arms, the dragon’s touch so warm and smooth as he removed her clothing a tad bit, not rugged like her touch, but romantic and gentle. Something otherworldly she had never experienced.

Ella had finished making various poisons for her new-found friend. The room a large library, converted for her to make her and Crixus’ dark desires come to life. Opening the door, his footsteps echoed. The sound of overly worked humans could be heard. “How are they?” She asked as she placed liquids of all types of foul looking colors in a sack for him. “They’re much faster than my usual soldiers at making our comforts manageable, but I won’t be surprised if I have to kill at least one to prove a point.” The witch smiled as she followed him out to the main hall. His pointed teeth revealed as he gazed upon sickly humans, all doing his bidding. Whether cleaning or crafting items. They hopelessly stay silent, as they fear the large Komodo and the witch by his side. “Of course you realize no one in town is allowed at my castle, if the secret gets out that humans are not poisonous to the touch, my reputation is ruined as a protector.” She looked upon the humans. “What if I attach a lock to the front door, one that can only be broken by fire?” Crixus chuckled and placed a clawed hand on her shoulder. “You are a genius, my lady.” In the front of the hall, instead of one large chair, two stood. “I told you would work for me for a good deal.” Smiling eerily, he walked her to the front of the hall. She sits by him, knowing full well what he wanted. “You know-with this army we could find the human, Jon that escaped your grasp. The one you spoke of a while ago.” He nodded. “Ah yes, you did tell me you had a run in with him. If I remember correctly you also said two other anthros are helping him.” She nodded as he rests his head on her shoulder. “Perhaps Jon could learn a thing or two from me of how his species should be handled. Should you find him, bring him to me alive. My queen.” She puts an arm around his muscular shoulders. “Anything to please you, my king.”

In the Bedroom: A Fairytale



PLOT: Working a humdrum office job and having a nagging boss will be the least of Nathan’s issues when he soon learns that his childhood fear-a monster living under his bed is much more than fantasy…



Aaron B.



Chapter 1

He felt the feeling he was being watched. Every night. He checked his surroundings, but never saw anything there but shadows playing tricks on him. When he was younger, Nathan Bennet was afraid of a monster in his closet or under his bed. His parents assured him nothing like that existed. Now at twenty-one years of age, he certainly didn’t believe in such things. Sometimes in life, however, beliefs are challenged, and you can be proven very wrong.

The email he wrote was a long and boring. Nathan was never one to argue if he didn’t like to do something. Deeply he felt his life had become meaningless. Working at an office, coming home, watching TV and going to bed. The endlessness of his tasks offered him nothing but boredom. He tried creative writing. He tried taking art classes, but nothing stuck. This was his life. Mundane.

Loosening his tie, he entered the break room to make some coffee. A bland looking area with a counter and a few tables. After his coffee was made, he decided to sit and watch the traffic below. He turned on some music from his phone since no one was there. As the moments passed, a few of his co-workers walked in and out. Saying a quick hello, but ultimately leaving him to go somewhere else.

That is until his energetic best friend sat by him, a long-time friend from high school. A good-looking guy who prided himself on fashion and happiness and someone who made Nathan smile. “Nathan! You’re sitting alone again. You know you can always chat with me. No reason for you to be alone.”

His name tag read Paul Tompkins. Placing his purple purse down, he looked to Nathan as he spoke. “I think the boredom of this place gets to me and I forget I have someone I can trust and actually have fun with.” With his one diamond earring, pink sweater and black skinny jeans and high heels, Paul never failed to look glitzy every day. “I’m always so surprised you’re single.” Paul admired how nicely Nathan dressed for work and his personality. He often tried to compliment Nathan, sensing the hatred of his workplace. “Well, thank you for that. What can I say? Being single is the one thing in my life I’m content about.” His tone confident for sure, Paul could tell he truly didn’t long for a girl or boyfriend. “I hope you are more than content. I think happiness is a good goal to strive for.” Nathan nods and sips his coffee. “Agreed. Maybe I’ll find a hobby or maybe I’ll get a puppy or something.” Paul nodded with a friendly smile. “There you go! I think life has plans for you, Nathan. You’re a kind and hardworking guy. I hope good things come to you. I hope you find happiness.” Nathan knew Paul was wrong. His life wouldn’t change. It hadn’t since he was eighteen working at the same humdrum office.

Evening came slowly as the workday had ended. Nathan sent a text to Paul to make sure he drove home safely. He always did, driving worried him and he didn’t have a license. Another thing in his life he was content with. Perhaps Paul was right. Happiness should be what he strives for. With that in mind, Nathan changed into a tank top and black pajama pants and began to cook dinner for himself. Turning on some 80’s rock, he hummed as he cleaned his small kitchen area and readjusted some items. A tiny spark of happiness did go through him as he listened to his music.

Taking a deep breath, Nathan curled up in bed. An average sized bedroom for an apartment. Another boring day is done and over with. He debated on calling Paul just for someone to talk to. Sleep got the better of him and he soon drifted off. A few moments after closing his eyes, he heard a strange sound. A kind of growl. He slowly sat up, thinking it was only a nightmare or maybe a creek from one of the heating pipes. The noise was prominent enough for him to stay sitting up in bed, cocking his head left to right. With a shrug, he lied back down. The creature saw everything. Peeking his head out from under the bed. He knew he had Nathan a bit creeped out. He smiled and retreated to the shadows.

Chapter 2


Mr. Hardy left a pile of paperwork to be done once Nathan walked in. With a sigh and coffee in hand, the tired worker began his routine. Dreading every moment of painstakingly looking after Hardy’s writing. Correcting spelling and grammar errors. Nathan had a knack for correcting spelling but doing it for someone else other than one of Paul’s poems he often put online, made him want to faint of nervousness.

Always worrying about failing. Always worried about causing a commotion. He took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes. I can do this. He repeated softly. It’s only grammar. His heart raced. A lump formed in his throat. Should he get up and leave or sit and take it? He leaned back in his chair, his cubical becoming blurry, he loosened his black tie and unbuttoned the top of his blue dress shirt. The sound of footsteps approaching made him more nervous. Luckily, it was Paul. He eyed his friend worriedly. “Hon? You okay?” Nathan went wide eyed for a moment. “Oh! Paul. Yeah, just fine” he lied. Paul softly approached him, his brown hair styled nicely as always. “You don’t look good.” Observed Paul. “Really?” Nathan asked in fake confusion. “Why don’t you get a drink and take a walk? I’ll watch your stuff.” He nodded softly and left. Paul sighed, debating on whether to follow him or not. He decided against it and sat. Worried about his friend. Leaning up against a wall, he took deep breaths. This was not the first time these feelings had come up. Not by a long shot. This felt like the tenth or fifteenth time at least. Soon it’ll be over. Then what? Then back to his boring house. Why was life either high stress or boredom? It didn’t seem right.

Moving the blankets over, Nathan sat up again. Feeling a cold shiver run up his spine. This time, he knew someone, or something was in his room. He looked to one side, near a burrow. He swore he saw a tall figure. Lurking. The shadow hard to make out, the young man spoke into the darkness. “H-hey!” Of course, after he said this he expected to turn a light on and realize it was a lamp or a jacket hanging from a chair. He didn’t expect to hear the deep tone of another “Hey”. He rolled out of bed, he yelled loudly as he backed himself into a corner. He shivered, his palms sweating. His entire body shaking. Dizziness struck him next. The figure walked over to him, his mannerisms so odd. Nathan turned on his bedside lamp, expecting to wake up from this vivid nightmare.

The light shined on him, a very tall reptile humanoid. Dark green skin, a tuft of black hair on his head. His nose pointed, his tail quite sharp looking, so were his tiny pointed teeth when he spoke. The creature smiled at him. “I got you good, boy.” Nathan stood up and attempted to shove the creature away in-between tears of pure terror. Shoving him back, the creature giggled. “I’ll be back little man. Sadly, for you, this is my job.” He slithered under the bed like some large snake. With a scream, Nathan looked under the bed, but nothing was there. He began to knock items over, ripping the blankets off, seeing if he could find the creature. Running to the bathroom, he ran his hands under the sink and splashed his face. “Pull yourself together! There’s NO such thing as monsters.”

Spilling coffee on the floor, Nathan cussed quietly and grabbed napkins. Paul quickly helped him as he always seemed to appear out of nowhere. He looked at Nathan and saw dark circles under his eyes. “Nathan? Did you sleep at all?” He shrugged. “No. Never do really.” With a sigh, Paul held his hand. “I know you hate this job, and I know you live alone. I want you to call me if you’re feeling unhappy. Really. I can’t stress it enough. I can even bring you food!” Nathan smiled softly at his friend’s offer. “Maybe sometime. Thanks, pal.”

After being called into Mr. Hardy’s office, Nathan sat nervously. Going through his head, thinking if he had done anything wrong. The boss is slender, has a hairstyle that would be a throwback to the 1950s. He wore a grey suit as he sat across from him. On his desk, a picture of his family. “Nathan, I wanted to tell you what you did wrong with your paperwork.” Of course. It was always what he did wrong. Never did he seem to do anything well. It was always whiny criticism. “I noticed that you missed a few periods and you didn’t use the right size font. I’m going to ask you to do it again.” Just like that, he tossed out the challenging work he had done. Truth be told, he did as best as he could. “Sir, I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time. I promise.” Hardy nodded and smiled. “It’s a waste of time to do all that and do everything wrong.” Nathan had all he could do not to tip a chair over or kick the desk in front of him. Nathan left without a single word, heading back to his cubical. He took deep breaths and tapped a nearby pen on the desk, trying to get his mind off Hardy’s tone and annoying little nitpicks. He closed his eyes, repeating…the day’s almost over. The day’s almost over. He had no idea what waited for him at home.


Stepping into his kitchen, he yelped loudly as the very creature from last night was raiding his refrigerator. The creature at full height is about seven feet, dark green scaly skin and a pointed snout much like a Komodo dragon. His eyes yellow and kind of pretty in a mysterious way. Nathan gently backed against the wall. Gazing on something he had never seen. It spoke. “You weren’t supposed to see me.” His voice so odd and otherworldly. Nathan sat in a corner but didn’t seem as terrified as before. “What are you?” Nathan said a bit loudly, the creature dropped what he had in his hand, a box of cereal. “The monster living under your bed.” He states rather plainly. “Those don’t exist! You must be some weird undiscovered creature living in my house.” “I’ve been under your bed for quite some time.”

In a sort of rush of flashbacks, he remembered complaining to his parents when he was quite young about a haunting presence in his bedroom. Like all parents, they told him monsters don’t exist. Here one was, plain as day standing in his living room. “I don’t believe you, but whatever the case, can’t you leave me alone? You’ve scared the shit out of me.” The creature eyed him softly. “I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that. You see, when a monster picks a quote ‘victim’ they live in their home until the day we die. We are born to scare. It’s in our nature. We never leave your side. Typically, of course, no human sees us, and they shrug us off thinking we were just a phase in childhood. You are the first human to communicate with any monster under the bed.” Nathan stood up and took a deep breath. Calling the police was out of the question, what if bullets didn’t hurt it? What if the creature himself killed the officers?

“Did you pick me on purpose to scare?” The creature picked the box of cereal up and munched once he got a handful. “In a sense. We are born in caverns hidden from society. Our masters teach us how to scare others in unique ways and then we are sent to houses. Most kids are easy to scare, but some aren’t. It’s all luck of the draw.” Nathan rolls his eyes, he truly hated having a monster living with him. Especially one that tormented his childhood. “Well go back to your master and leave me alone, I’m too old to have ‘monster in my closet’ problems. You scared me enough when I was a kid.” Nathan walked to the kitchen as he spoke, getting a salad prepared for himself.

The creature followed him, staying a few feet behind him. “We can’t go back. Once we pick a house, that’s it. I will live here until I die. Which won’t be far way away lucky for you.” Perhaps a tad bit of sadness hit Nathan, enough for him to reconsider his emotions. “I’ll make you a deal. You stop trying to scare me, and I’ll let you stay.” Never had anyone treated him with such kindness. The creature smiled a bit. Nathan cocked his head. “Don’t smile. Please. It’s scary.” The creature giggled. “Do you have a name?” With a shrug, he spoke. “Not really.” Nathan paused, he tapped his finger on a nearby surface. “Melvin was the name of my first dog. Does that sound good?”

Melvin sat on the nearby counter as Nathan did the dishes. Melvin cocked his head to the various sounds of glasses being clanked and the warm, soapy water running from the faucet. Doing nightly chores as a tall, reptilian creature watched was far from normal. The human didn’t talk much, he found this whole thing a bit to jarring. What would one talk to a creature about? The weather? Emotions? It all seemed so alien to him. Was Melvin lying? Would he come out with something scarier than before?

As he stole glances towards Melvin and watched him innocently sitting and doing rather normal human behaviors, another thought went through his head. One he didn’t expect. Melvin looked rather innocent. It felt like a silly thought, something that scared him so much, now shown in a different light. No longer shrouded in darkness, but sitting right by him, it gave Melvin a sort of lively appearance. As eerie as some of his movements were, his other features didn’t seem all that bad. ‘Who am I kidding?’ Nelson thought as he finished up and dried his hands. ‘He’s not bothering me now, so I won’t say anything negative. But I won’t be one to start personal dialogue about my horrible work day or anything like that.’

Sitting on the couch, Nathan watched a stupid sitcom, just something to have on as his tiredness ever so slowly began to grow. Melvin sat on the other side, again in a very human-like manner. “Want me to go back under your bed?” Nathan eyed him sternly. “No. You’ll scare me again. Believe it or not, I like when I can see you.” Melvin nodded and coughed softly, his lizard-like long tail sat in his lap, the tip nearly touching Nathan. “Guess I did an excellent job.” Due to the bad day he had and due to the anxiety he had over the past few weeks, he snapped, leaning forward. “I hated it. I hate being scared, I hate having some freak in my house! I hate what you did to my childhood. You know how many kids are freaked out due to monsters in their closets? Lots! You’re part of the problem. Just shut up.”

Leaning back, he sighed deeply. Melvin’s eyes went from curious, to down. He played with his tail. “It’s all playful fun” he finally said, Nathan scoffed. “Right. Fun for you. You never, ever stopped to consider the kind of terror you put ME through.” Again, Melvin’s eyes looked down. This time his whole head went with the motion. “It’s the only way I knew how to communicate with someone else. It’s how I was brought up.”

Listening to his remorseful voice, Nathan rubbed his eyes slowly. This wasn’t a human. This was an otherworldly being, taught to scare and that’s it. No other interaction. Not until now. “I’m sorry I yelled at you, Melvin. Honestly, I should be in awe. I’m experiencing something probably no one else has.” The creature stood up, Nathan watched him not blinking-a stare of nervousness. Would he attack? Would he yell? Who knew? He braced himself for the worst. “Goodnight Nathan.” Watching Melvin leave, Nathan turned off the TV.

As his weary eyes began to close, he heard and felt something among the blankets. “Melvin! Get out.” He whispered harshly, the creature sat in a ball at the end of his bed. His eyes glowing in the darkness. “I won’t scare you, I promise. I’ve never slept in a bed before.” Remembering his outburst and how horrible he felt after, the human took a deep breath and let him stay.


Chapter 3


A few days passed, Nathan woke and stretched. Their relationship had not grown much, but slowly Nathan liked the idea of Melvin. He saw the creature lying on the other end of the bed, sleeping away. He was most active at night, which made sense given the creature’s purpose in life. He eyed the sleeping being, slouched over the edge of the bed on his stomach. Down his spine were a series of black, small spikes, much like a porcupine, which seemed to be folded downward. His breathing deep, much like a large dog.

Sitting at the table, sipping coffee Nathan skimmed through some news articles on his iPad, researching monsters under beds and if anything would connect. When he felt a pair of hands leap over his shoulder, he flinched. “Melvin!” he said in a slightly loud tone. He chuckled darkly and sat by him, his voice chipper. “Sorry. I can’t help it.” Nathan couldn’t help but softly smile, he thought Melvin did have a somewhat charming personality after having sometime to process things. “Look. Your purpose IS to scare. I get it. It really does bother me though. I feel like we’re on speaking terms and you don’t need to do that.” Melvin shrugged. “Fine. I’m itching to scare though. So, tempting. So, fun.” Melvin is super odd, that’s for sure, but something in his mannerisms told Nathan he was far from evil. His scaring was more playful at this stage than life threatening. Perhaps it had been that all along.

His office hours, work seemed to go by a bit slower as he constantly checked his watch, on the hand he didn’t feel quite as lonely. A bit more confident perhaps. Typing in his usual spot, Melvin was in the back of his brain the entire time. What was odd was Paul didn’t show up to perform his normal greeting. A moment passed. Nathan decided to sneak into the break room.

Paul had a large box, putting items away. He certainly wasn’t himself. His slow mannerisms spoke volumes. Rolling his sleeves up, Nathan knocked gently and opened the door. Paul smiled at Nathan-a fake smile. “Paul? Are you okay?” With a sigh, he closed the cardboard box. “Mr. Hardy doesn’t want me here anymore.” Nathan rolled his sleeves up. “That’s ridiculous. You’re so hardworking.” Again, Paul sighed. “He went on this whole tangent on how ‘uncomfortable’ I make him. How quote ‘girly I look’, how he couldn’t stand being near me.” Nathan’s heart goes to the pit of his stomach. Paul carried the box and walked toward his best friend. “Sadly, this is only a sign of hateful times.” His tone so low and defeated. Exiting the room, Nathan stood, his throat closed. He knew his boss was picky and annoying, but prejudice to the point of firing a worker? This threw him off.

Nathan sat in the break room, in a corner alone. No longer having Paul’s fun commentary to brighten his day. Sadness came in waves this day. The feeling loneliness at work hit him. More so than ever. After the break, he goes to his sitting area a bit earlier than usual. Opening his email browser, he typed his boss’ name. Every worker had their own file which could be accessed by any employee. Mr. Hardy preferred snail mail as opposed to email. With this information, Nathan found Mr. Hardy’s address and hits print.

Melvin knew something was wrong right when Nathan entered the apartment. “Are you upset?” Nathan took a seat on the couch next to Melvin. The scales on his body shined a tiny bit as the light from the lamp nearby struck him just right. “I yelled at you. The first night we met. I’d like to make it up to you.” Melvin cocked his head. “Remember my friend I told you about? Paul? He was fired from work.” Cocking his head again, the creature had no idea what that word meant. Nathan quickly explained. “He was removed from his job. Like if your master told you, you couldn’t scare people anymore. Paul’s boss kicked him out.” “Well, surely to get that sort of treatment, he did something wrong?” Nathan shook his head. “I’m afraid not. His boss simply didn’t like his clothing or his ideas.”

With a sad sigh, Melvin looked to Nathan. He had never heard of such a thing. For a monster to get removed from scaring others, you’d have to do something against the master personally or break one of the few ‘rules of scaring.’ Judging someone by appearance was never something Melvin was faced with.

Nathan looked at his feet. “Look, I have someone you can scare.” The spikes on his back slowly went up. “Is that so?” he said with a slight sneer. “I don’t have the guts to yell at my boss or put him in his place for the horrible thing he did.” With a clawed hand on his shoulder, he stopped talking. “Nathan. This is what I do. This isn’t my first time.” Nathan sighed and decided to get out of his work clothes, putting on a hoodie and jeans.

His wife was out on vacation. His kids away at a friend’s house for a sleepover. Hardy had the entire home to himself, wearing a bathrobe and pajama pants he finished his glass of wine as he turned off the living room lights and turned off the TV. The tidiness of his home showed how truly obsessive he was about neatness. Not a single thing out of place, the windows shined, everything shined as a matter of fact.

Lying in bed, he closed his book and took a deep breath as he flicked off his bedside light, lying in complete darkness. His heating pipes began to make a rattling sound, which always woke him as soon as he started to drift off. This was not natural. Melvin was rattling it. Melvin softly chuckled an evil sound that made Mr. Hardy sat up. He began to sweat a bit as he sits up. “Who’s there?” he asked as a lump formed in his throat.

Before he could get up and get a weapon, Melvin leaped onto his bed with a growl. Hardy lets out a terrified shriek as the creature pins him down with two hands by the shoulders. Melvin was in his glory. Feeling sweat of a terrified victim was what he relished in.

The spikes on his back stood up, Hardy’s eyes wide open as he gazed upon something he had never seen, Melvin was able to change his voice to the most sinister tone one could wish to hear. “WHO ARE YOU?” Hardy yelled as he struggled to get out. “The monster under your bed for the night.” Hardy thrashed about, but the creature kept him in a tight grasp. “You’re not real!” Melvin held Hardy’s jaw in a tight grip. “Fear would do you some good, Mr. Hardy. Give Paul back his job and stop treating Nathan like he isn’t trying his best. Understood?” Hardy nodded as his hand slowly reached to the bedside table. Melvin gazed into his eyes when suddenly he felt a sharp pain go through his shoulder. Melvin let out a monstrous yell as he tumbled off the bed and onto the floor. Hardy took the butcher knife he always kept there and ran out of the bedroom.

Halfway down the stairs, he tripped on the sleek wooden texture of the staircase and fell on his side, rolling on his back. The knife flew in one direction. Groaning in pain, he slowly tried to get up, when suddenly Melvin had made his way to him. His arm bled, but that didn’t seem to stop him as he placed one of his clawed feet on Hardy’s chest. “Kill Me! Come on! Creature from hell!” Melvin sighed deeply. “I repeat. Give Paul back his job and stop treating Nathan like trash.”

Shrouded in darkness, Melvin exited Hardy’s home, standing near the doorway and looking out onto the sidewalk and the surrounding suburban area. Nathan who was just about to check on him, ran to him like an owner finding his lost dog. “Melvin! You’re bleeding!” He held the creature’s hand and walked by his side. “I’m so sorry! I should’ve gone with you. I was too scared, and I knew I wouldn’t be much help anyway. I should have gone to keep watch.” Melvin couldn’t help but gently smile, this time it looked genuine and not terrifying. “I had fun actually.”

Sitting at the kitchen table, Nathan wrapped Melvin’s arm in a bandage, the sounds of crickets could be heard outside. The air conditioning made a low humming sound. Melvin sat eating a snack, looking at Nathan as he finished patching him up.

He still found humans a bit fascinating, in a way he thought he never would. For so long, he was taught that humans were nothing more than scared victims, but Nathan proved the opposite. That there’s more to the human condition than just one or two emotions. Perhaps Nathan had become a bit more open-minded to the unknown world, before fearing what he didn’t understand, maybe now he realized that just because something is not known, doesn’t make it bad.

For so long his life was a series of boring events, even now, he still couldn’t believe that a creature sat a few feet from him. In a way, he felt lucky. Lucky to have something that not everyone had. Something to make him feel special. “How did Mr. Hardy take your words?” he asked as he did the dishes, Melvin shrugged. “I hope well enough. I did my best.” Nathan glanced over his shoulder to Melvin. “Well, you are scary. But kind of adorable.” Pausing, Melvin felt a sense of happiness when he said that. Maybe he was tired of being called scared and wanted to show that there was another side to him.

Paul happily entered the office the next morning, Nathan hugged him tightly as he did so. “I don’t know what got into Mr. Hardy. He called me and apologized. Not like him at all! Maybe his superior came down on him?” Shrugging, Nathan made his morning coffee with a smile. “I certainly didn’t yell at him.” Paul grabbed a few files he needed to get going on returning to the office, last minute assignments. Walking passed a nearby window, Mr. Hardy gave a gentle wave to Nathan, he waved back in the same manner. Giggling, Paul approached Nathan. “Okay. Who killed Mr. Hardy and cloned him?” “Maybe someone scared him into changing his attitude?” “Who could do that? Mr. Hardy’s a scary guy when he’s mad. I can’t imagine someone putting fear into him.”

Nathan walked by Paul’s side the cubical area. Speaking in a low tone. “I’d feel dishonest if I didn’t open up a bit. I do know. Exactly what happened. Meet me at my house next week.” Paul eyed him. “What have you got up your sleeve?” Nathan stops him, speaking lower. “Look, you’re my best friend. I’m not going to keep secrets from you. I can’t get into it now. Trust me. You won’t want to miss it.”

The two sat on the couch, the TV on low. An odd emotion stirred through Melvin. One of comfort. As a creature built on fear, this was new to him. Sure, he felt happy scaring people, but comfortable? His whole life was spent either in Nathan’s closet or under a bed. Comfort wasn’t something he was used to. Being with someone. Talking to someone when they weren’t wide-eyed in terror was a feeling of warmth he didn’t think he had in him. For so long he was alone, no one to talk to. No one to confide in. Now he had found his goal. He once thought to bring terror to others was his goal, but maybe deep down it was to find a friend in Nathan. To find love instead of fear. The creature rests his head on Nathan’s leg, taking a deep breath. The human smiled softly and placed a blanket over him. Normally he slept during the day, but this night had proved to be an energetic and emotional affair. The human felt a sense of warmth as his friend slept deeply, his breathing so calm and so odd at the same time. Nathan knew Melvin needed a sense of comfort and acceptance, instead of getting up like he wanted to and go to bed, he let him sleep there. Melvin needed him as much as Nathan needed Melvin. Two unlikely species, living in harmony.


“To the Slaughter”- Short Film Screening!

My short film “To the Slaughter” will be screened at Anthro New England! I am beyond excited! Information is below! 😀

Where: Anthro New England (Boston Park Plaza Hotel)

When: 8-9pm on Saturday, February 24

Location: Room 2

Facebook Event Page





This is a fan film of a classic TV show from the 60’s entitled “Underdog”. I hope you enjoy!

This little movie was something I had in mind for a while, what would the silly 60’s cartoon look like with a Christopher Nolan type feel? Using similar music ques and a darker tone as far as the film making style went. Well, I hope I somewhat did that right. Filming in Philadelphia was awesome and those were the first shots filmed for the movie, including my cousin Nick as the bad guy, Raff. He’s been in a lot of my movies and he is a joy to work with, always has a lot of good ideas! He was in Genesis not to long ago. The drive was long to and from that location, but I think I got some awesome nighttime city footage-which this movie really needed.

The next scene filmed was on Christmas day, with Brian, my other cousin. You’ll remember him from the Daiquiri Christmas Special and the cameo in my other fan film, Alien: Earthbound. We filmed his scene in perhaps 10 min or so in among all the holiday festivities. The scenes with dad and I were filmed a day or so later, so I combined the two scenes and I think they both flow well. Overall, this movie was done for purely fun. I wasn’t tackling some life long project, but as said-fun was the main motivator.



Underdog (Fan Film)- Production Stuff!

I am filming a fan film of UNDERDOG, the show from the 60’s. Basically, I’m giving him not only a fan film, but a sort of re-imagining.

What would UD look like in a Christopher Nolan universe? Well, hopefully this movie sort of answers that- I do keep a sort of a comedic vibe going since it’s not meant to be taken 100% seriously. Below are some pics. 🙂

25587804_1527534690698486_2922504946672612572_oNicholas C. plays Raff. The main antagonist.


Location photo. I am SO glad part of this movie was able to be filming in the amazing city of Philadelphia

25790963_1527534694031819_7186824153019555338_oRichard Bissell plays UNDERDOG!


An on set photo of Brian C. playing a security guard. You may remember him from my films Record and his cameo role in my fan film, Alien: Earthbound.

A Krampus Carol




PLOT: After being abused by his dad, James meets the Christmas demon himself-Krampus in a night of revenge and Holiday cheer…


Written by: Aaron B.

Art by: Trine Lise Normann


Light snow fell upon the town, red and green lights from houses illuminated the night sky and roads. A monster lurked, shrouded in shadow, standing on a street corner, his eyes perfectly adjusted to the darkness. His clawed hands in his pockets, his hoofed feet crushed the snow and ice below. He was on a hunt, he knew who he was going after. Walking along snowy sidewalks, a chilly wind kicked up, his dark red fur now covered in spots of white and becoming a bit wet. Sniffing the chilly night air, he knew his victim was lurking this evening. Krampus never forgot a face or name, the child’s name? Timothy. slightly overweight, blonde hair reaching his shoulders and usually holding a green backpack. What had he done this holiday season to deserve a visit from the Christmas demon?

Police had gotten calls from parents of pets missing in the neighborhood, not only had they always been located near or around Tim’s house, but Tim’s photography work of his gruesome and heinous acts did not lie. Krampus sensed evil within children, like a mathematician finding a number out of place-he had been doing this for a long time. Tim had been lucky over the past year to fly under Santa’s radar-but tonight, Tim would get more than he ever bargained for.

The child stood over the body of his latest furry victim, a yellow lab puppy. He smirked and took a photograph of the mangled corpse like he always did. He would be home in time for opening presents with his family if he hurried.

The woods are an eerie place at night, but he knew his way around, shining his flashlight among the tall trees and careful not to slip on sheets of ice. He wasn’t scared, he was gleeful after the work he had done, the harming of innocent creatures is what made him happy.

Walking through roots and wet leaves, he exited the wooded area, putting his hands in the pockets of his khakis. He hummed a bit as he made his way up a large hill, and overlooking this hill was the town he lived in. Houses, one after another, decorated with Christmas cheer, Santa statues, reindeer, snowmen and flashing red and green lights.

Timothy thought he was alone as he walked through the same roads his stalker patrolled -but his naivety would be his undoing. Briskly walking through the dark town, he heard distant music playing from a convenience store, the typical Christmas classics, which now happened to be Carol of The Bells.

Past the store and crossing roads, he was almost home, where he would be welcomed by a large pine tree and loving arms of his blissfully unaware parents, as he passed a few houses-he fell smack to the pavement, his head hitting the cement. With a groan, Timothy slowly stood up-and standing in front of him was the tallest man he had ever seen.

Over six feet tall, wearing a velvet red hood with white fluffy trimming, his yellow eyes glow, slightly illuminating his face, that of a red demon with a goatee. The horns on his head had a large curve like a goat. His hands were not hooved, but human-like, red hands with pointy fingernails. Removing his large hood, the creature revealed himself in full. His body covered with red mangled fur, a long tail between his legs and large hoofed feet. On his back, he carried a brown sack full of sharp objects and other torture devices.

The kid stood up, Krampus perfectly blocked his way. Tim usually would scold and yell at any adult who dares question him-but from the looks of this ‘thing’ he was far from human. Tim looked down, seeing a silver chain which hung from his hip. He said not a word, but the creature spoke, his voice a deep whisper, like a demonic soul enjoying his time scaring him. “Timothy Whitfield, you’ve been naughty As Tim stood frozen in fright, one of Krampus’ clawed hands reached for the silver chain, with a yank it came loose. A single tear escaped Tim’s eye and he ran in the other direction, he wanted to scream but thought it may provoke him.

With a smirk and with lightning speed, the goat-creature spun the chain, high in the air like a cowboy lassoing cattle. As he did so, his large abs began to show themselves in full. The metal object wrapped around the kid’s feet-tripping him and falling on his nose, causing it to gush dark red blood. Tim now began to scream and squirm-but it seemed the more he struggled, the more the chain would engulf his entire body and get tighter.

Keeping a hold of the chain, Krampus walked slowly up to Tim, his breath could be seen coming from his nostrils, the sound of his huge footsteps nearing closer to his head gave him a sense of dread he had never felt before. He thought maybe the creature would show mercy if he was lucky. Releasing the chain and going for his sack, he pulled out a bundle of birch branches, tied by a heavy piece of rope, made by the creature himself.

Krampus knelt in front of his face, revealing his pointed fangs and elongated tongue which nearly touched his frozen skin, with a maniacal chuckle he whacked the terrified and screaming kid over and over with the weapon. The impact caused his skin to turn red, the sting was unimaginably painful. The demon whispered in his same dark tone. “Naughty…naughty…naughty.” Tim rolled on his back, the snow seeping through his clothes. Krampus then pulled out a large knife, before Tim could yell, his throat was sliced open. Warmblood poured from the wound and onto Krampus’ clothes, he gasped for air. The Christmas demon watched him writhe in agony, unblinking and unstirred by the gushing wound.




James dreaded Christmas. Nothing had gone right for him any other time of year, so why would things go well now? His soul typically optimistic when the holidays came in hopes of maybe getting a secret Santa, he shook his head. He had just gotten up from a nap, he put on his favorite pajamas, his short blonde hair did not need combing, he rubbed his blue eyes and made his way down the stairs.

The living room presented a medium-sized Christmas tree, complete with lights, ornaments and a star on top-but, not a single gift. The floor a mess, the place smelt of smoke and alcohol.

His fifty-year-old father sits in his leather recliner, wearing a white tank top and shorts, his stomach hung out, his balding head and entire body dirty and unkempt.

The fourteen-year-old cleared his throat, maybe he had caught his dad in a good mood. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing played from the TV, the large choir sounding so angelic.

The window facing the outside world, getting covered in heavy snow. The wind could be faintly heard. The sky a pinkish color as the sun began its descent, James never quite spoke up loudly, he tried to keep his voice as even as possible. “Dad? Are we going to go out for Christmas? Maybe?” Mike, the father stretched and went to the kitchen, nearly bumping into his son. “Go to bed. You’re not getting anything this year anyway.” His voice cold and distant, his words slurred. He got nasty when he had too much booze. James sighed deeply, trying to keep his discomfort and depression pinned down. James knew his mother’s death had taken a toll on his dad, it was no secret he only liked her for her looks. Her having a kid was something Mike was never fond of.

He chugged more of his liquor, standing, looking coldly at his son. “You’re nothing but a nuisance. Feeding you is a pain, waste of my money, but I kept you to keep your mom. She was sexy.” He paused and hiccupped. “She should have had that abortion.”

This was the last straw for James. The cold comments, the nastiness, the vindictive heart. The teen threw on a pair of shoes, snatched his wallet and headed out the front door. The cold was more inviting than the evil nature of his dad.


Water splashed the unsuspecting victim. After a few deep breaths, he gazed upon his abductor holding the wooden bucket. Norman was chained to a large, rock wall.

Krampus smiled and held the kid’s cheeks tightly. “Hello, Norman.” Norman became pale. “Let me go! Now!”

Walking to a large table sitting beside the tied-up child, he read. “My boss tells me you’ve been quite naughty in school.” He squirmed like all the other children had tried, he tried screaming loud as well. Looking around the lair, he saw the mutilated bodies of nasty children. The demon gave him a firm slap in the face. “Shut the hell up! Where was I?” He sighed deeply, eyeing the list again. “I hear you dumped one of your classmates in the toilet at school? I also hear you made fun of a kid with autism on your way home from school.”

Norman’s heart raced, and deep down he knew all of this to be true. “I didn’t do any of that! That was my friend, Kevin! Please! Stop! Let me go!” The demon laughed. “You don’t even know a Kevin! You DARE lie to me? You piece of shit! I’ve been doing this for a long time. Just like Santa, I’m good at my job.” Terror grew inside Norman, but he kept talking. “Get Santa here! I bet he’d hate what you’re doing!” The creature grabbed Norman’s throat. “We’re partners!”

Norman gasped for air, Krampus kept hold for a moment. “As much as I’d love to disembowel you, Santa told me to give you a second chance.” Letting go, he glanced back at the tied victim coughing violently.

Norman almost felt a ping of relief, that maybe he’d get off with just a verbal warning. That is until the demon grabbed a large hammer from his sack. Norman felt the worst pain he ever had in his life, he knees shattered, the sound of the deep crack echoed through the lair. “A token to remember me by, Norman. May my face haunt your nightmares as you lie in your hospital bed.”

Walking through the dark town, snow began to fall, and the wind became cold. James crossed his arms as the chill began to get to his bones. Glancing at houses, he admired the various decorations. Reindeer, snowmen and red and green lights wrapped around bushes and small trees.How desperately he wanted to knock on a door and be automatically invited in by a happy family. To have cookies and sit by a fireplace and talk of kindness and sing Christmas carols. Not one gift was given to him and he certainly didn’t expect anything. With his mind clouded by hopelessness, James walked down the cold sidewalk leading to a bar, hoping to find warmth.

As Christmas carols came from the radio, James sat at the long table where a few other customers sat. He wasn’t nearly old enough to drink, he got himself a hot chocolate. The bartender also grabbed him a warm blanket to wrap his shoulders around. The little act of kindness made James smile just a tiny bit, ‘a little kindness can go along way’ he thought to himself.

Out from the corner of his eye, sitting in far away from everyone else, he saw someone shrouded in darkness. Someone that everyone seemed to stay away from. Drinking Schnapps and looking straight into a wall, the man was obviously huge. Something about him was also sort of fascinating to James. Never had he seen someone so tall. Shrugging his shoulders, he sat in silence for a bit.

As the night went on, James sighed sadly and paid the bartender, it was time for him to go back to his awful life with his drunken dad. Another Christmas full of verbal abuse and darkness.

He turned to leave, then found himself bumping into a soft, fluffy wall of some sort. He staggered back and looked up to see the man he bumped into. His heart leapt into his throat as he eyed the man’s hoofed feet and all the way up to his devilish and goat like face. Krampus slowly turned to meet the young man’s terrified gaze. “Sorry sir.” His voice shaking, afraid that the demon would lash out at him and rip his heart out or something to the affect.

He merely nodded. He recognized the boy. Norman was his bully in school, and it was no surprise to the demon. Finishing his drink, he spoke. “Go home, James. I have no qualm with you.” Backing away, James’ voice shook. “Wait. You’re…Mr. Krampus. Aren’t you?” The tales of the demon were always spread, and James found the creature to be fascinating. He had met Santa a few times, of course, Santa probably gave him gifts but his dad most likely threw them out before James even knew they were there. Krampus handed James a small, wrapped package. He then turned to leave, James followed behind him as he pocketed the small item.

Krampus went to his vehicle, not a sleigh like his boss had, but a black, rickety old van Santa had gotten it from his wife to keep incognito, now it belonged to his assistant.

James watched him approach the driver’s side door and then walked in the opposite direction, shivering as the snow fell heavier and his pajamas became wet. “Come here,” Krampus said, sounding as kind as he possibly could, but in all honesty, he still sounded like he could decapitate someone in an instant.

Walking up to him, James craned his head up. “Yes, sir?” “Let me take you home.” James coughed a bit. “I can walk home. Thank you though.” The demon turned to get into his vehicle. Then, the wheels in James’ brain started. Maybe he could help with his dad’s drinking problem? He was quite big and scary looking. Maybe no one would pick on him if they knew he hung out with the Christmas demon himself? According to legend, Krampus wouldn’t hurt someone who did nothing wrong, and if he WAS on Krampus’ list, James figured he would already be in agony. He then spoke hastily. “Sir? Thanks.” He then went to the passenger side.

As he drove, the demon lit a cigarette and puffed. The back of the van was full of torture devices and dry blood stained the floor. The windshield wipers scrapped off the falling snow, the sound of the engine droned. The smell of alcohol and smoke filled his nostrils.

James kept his eyes to the ground, afraid of annoying Krampus. He did get a close look at the creature, while most kids wouldn’t live to tell the tale.

His body toned, which only added to his menace. His movements so swift and large. James really couldn’t keep his eyes off the driver, he was like nothing he had ever seen and scarier than his imagination could conjure up. This all felt like some odd dream, but deep down James knew that somehow he was sitting next to a legendary creature. A tad bit of glee filled his soul, feeling special for once in his life.

After unbuckling his seat belt, Krampus spoke. “Merry Christmas.” James smiled nervously “You to, sir.” He nodded and got out of the van, he would never forget this night. The van’s headlights turned down and stayed parked. Krampus sighed tiredly and leaned back. Exhaustion hit him like a brick. He hated working two nights, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He was about to light another cigarette, until his ear perked as he heard the sound of screaming from inside James’ home.

Mike held James’ shoulders firmly, hitting him a few times. “How DARE you leave this house WITHOUT me!” His drunken speech slurred even more than before. Shaking in fear, James squirmed out of his grasp and stepped on his dad’s foot. Clenching his fist, James spoke in a cold tone. “Leave me alone!” Getting shoved to the floor, James wiped his tears of terror as Mike loomed over him. The eerie sounds of crying and heavy breathing were broken by the sound of the front door smashing open, a huge gust of wind blew through the house as Krampus stood in the doorway, taking a long puff of his smoke. James knew he would see the side of Krampus not many got to see and live to tell the tale.

He ran into a nearby closet, peeking through slightly as Mike turned to face the demon who was much taller than him. James took deep breaths attempting to ease his oncoming panic attack. Mike glared at him. “Get the hell out of my house!” He attempted to shove Krampus, but it was no use. “Is that how you treat your family? Especially Christmas Day? You spineless alcoholic.” The demon kicks Mike in the groin as he falls and screams in pain, then swiftly grabs his chain. It quickly wrapped around him. His arms and legs no longer useable. Krampus loomed over him with a devilish smile. “LET ME GO!” Mike yelled as he sweat and turned his face away from his attacker. Krampus knelt on top of him, his pointed knees going right into his fat gut. “I have heard enough screaming for one night.” Krampus took two clawed fingers and jammed them into Mike’s mouth, pulling at his tongue until it stretched. “Naughty.” James turned away as he knew Mike’s tongue was no longer in his mouth, but on the floor.




Krampus deeply sighed, closing the door to Santa’s home which he was welcome to anytime if he got his jobs done. Removing his sack and hanging it up, he rubbed his eyes and removed his hood. The large house decorated with care and cheer, every corner something Christmas or Holiday related stood. He went to the fridge to grab himself a beer and sits at the kitchen table.

The door opened, unblinking, he knew it was Santa Claus. The jolly fat man entered the kitchen, his beard bushy white, he wore glasses which had golden rims. He smelt of cookies, he hummed as he hung his jacket up. He looked to his assistant. “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Krampus!” He pats his shoulder firmly. “Fuck you.” Krampus spits to him, knowing it annoyed Santa to hear such profanity. Santa rolled his eyes, he let Krampus get away with a lot since he really helped in the long run.

He spoke as he sits across from the demon. “I saw how nicely you treated James. I was really proud of you for that.” Krampus nodded slowly and sipped from his drink. “Good. I’m going to bed.” Santa placed a gift in front of where Krampus sat, Santa then heads outside to put his reindeer away.


Krampus eyed the gift, took it upstairs and goes to the large bedroom where he spent most of his time when the holidays weren’t upon him. In his room is where he kept little gifts he would give to good kids if he happened to see them, metal chains also hang from the ceiling. From downstairs, he heard the song Silver Bells playing. Flopping on the bed in a very revealing position, he closed his eyes as the sound of the cold winter wind and reminiscing the sounds of screaming children lulled him to sleep.

James sits on the front curb of his home, waiting for police officers to arrive at a gruesome scene. He opened the package given to him by the one who changed his life, it was a card with writing on the inside. The front of the card blank. Inside was a packet of M&Ms.

“I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake.”